Storybook Circus to Open at Noon Wednesday March 21

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A quick note – the Storybook Circus portion of the Fantasyland expansion will have a delayed opening on March 21, 2012. The area is expected to be open by noon so that guests may enjoy Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the Barnstormer roller coaster. No particular reason has been given for the delayed opening, but the entire area is still in a soft-opening period, meaning it could close or be off-limits for work/repairs/updates at any time. If you plan on riding the train to the Fantasyland station, check first to make sure it is going to stop at Fantasyland station to unload.

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R. A. Pedersen

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6 thoughts on “Storybook Circus to Open at Noon Wednesday March 21

  • With New Dumbo/Barnstormer in the far NE corner of new Fantasyland, i’m thinking it may be better to do them 1st thing on our MK day 2 in which we had Tommorrowland planned in AM, using the path that funnels out near space mountain. It seems too much of a trek from old Fantasyland to do first thing on our day 1 in which we hit old Fantasyland first.

  • I was there last week. All three attractions are already open. The Barnstormer is a hat taker so you better take yours off. There were like 15 under the tracks.

  • We were just there and Barnstormer and Dumbo were open and busy. Fantasyland railroad stop was open too. Probably just a soft opening. Everything looks beautiful and so colorful so far.

  • Does this mean that on other days from now it will be opening at regular time?? I will be there on the 20th with little kids and am wondering if I should dash to Dumbo first or hold off in case it isn’t open. What do you think?? PS thanks a million for the updates…it’s been very helpful in planning for next week!!

    • I was wondering the same thing- we’re going to be there on Friday the 23rd and I’m wondering if we need to make a mad dash for dumbo as it’s just opened two days prior. My optimized touring plan tells me at this point not to do dumbo until the evening… don’t know if it factors in the fact that it has moved and is newly opened.

      • The official re-opening date for Dumbo, The Barnstormer, and the Fantasyland Station is still March 31. However, since last week these attractions have been open standard park hours. This will probably continue, but Disney could take them down to make adjustments at any time during this “soft opening” period.

        The optimizer is aware of Dumbo’s new location. Since the capacity has not changed, it is treated as if the waits are the same as they were when Dumbo was in the middle of Fantasyland.

        It is possible that Dumbo’s popularity will change based on its new location; if you ride, please submit actual wait times to help improve our accuracy.

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