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The Frozen Games to Begin May 27 at Blizzard Beach

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The Summer Olympics may be taking place in Rio, but The Frozen Games will be taking place at Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach this summer, beginning on May 27!

Wait…what on earth are The Frozen Games? Well, The Winter Games Committee has taken advantage of the freak snowstorm that happened over Central Florida at the popular water park. Here, they will be hosting an impromptu sporting event called The Frozen Games, which will feature Olaf and Kristoff hosting impromptu sporting events full of friendly and fun competitions for all to enjoy.

During the events at Blizzard Beach, Guests will be able to join Team Kristoff or Team Olaf each day to participate in a variety of winter-themed activities. These events will include:

  • Ice Pail Relays – teams line up and pass pails of water to one another, trying to be the first to fill a container at the end.
  • A “Snowball” Toss – pairs compete in a snow-themed water balloon toss
  • Ski Pole Limbo – a snowy twist on traditional limbo—using a ski pole as the limbo bar
  • Slide Races – allow teams to race down one of the signature water slides at Blizzard Beach

In addition, both Olaf and Kristoff will be on hand, appearing on the Observation Deck near Summit Plummet to take part both in the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as giving updates on their teams’ progress throughout the day.

Guests can participate in The Frozen Games throughout the day and guests can sign up for them when they arrive at the park entrance. The best part is that participation in the Games is included with regular admission to Blizzard Beach.

The Frozen Games is slated to melt away after August 21, so if you’re planning to participate, start preparing your training regimen now!

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  • Hope this is not a ploy to distract us from the issues Summit Plummet has been having.

  • There’s not a “Do you want to build a snowman?” contest? #missedopportunity

  • We’re going to WDW Aug 20th. Is that the last day or is the 21st?

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