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The Santa Piñata at The Ganachery Is a Holiday Treat!

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We’re big fans of the seasonal chocolate piñatas at The Ganachery at Disney Springs. The current holiday specialty is the Santa Mickey piñata, and like all others before it, it is a real show-stopper of a treat.

A dark chocolate hollow sphere is decorated with a Santa hat, Mickey ears, and embellishments to look like Santa’s coat and belt. Like all good piñatas, there’s more fun to be had inside. When you crack it open, the inside is filled with chocolate-covered marshmallow treats. The price for the piñata is $28.

Are you a fan of the chocolate piñatas or other treats at The Ganachery? Think it is worth the $28? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Julia Mascardo

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2 thoughts on “The Santa Piñata at The Ganachery Is a Holiday Treat!

  • Does anyone know if this can be ordered to ship?

  • Former chocolate company owner here… this is worth about $12.00, $19.95 max.
    However, if you look at it as entertainment instead of as a treat, then I suppose, it could be, although the entertainment is over too quickly for my liking.

    Also, if you like the waxy godiva stuff, this is probably a step up for less money.

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