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Top 3 Reasons to Love Living with the Land

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Today, I’m taking a top three trip on one of my favorite rides in all of Walt Disney World–Living with the Land. There’s many reasons to love this ride, but here are three of my favorites.

This ride is for everyone.

(Photo taken pre-COVID)

There are many attractions that all types of people can go on, but without a doubt Living with the Land works on so many levels. From Hidden Mickeys in the greenhouse to animals in the dark ride portion, and from unique plants that you may have never seen before to plants that you could grow in your backyard, there’s plenty to enjoy seeing on this ride. There’s also so much to learn–even if you’ve heard the script many times before, looking around the greenhouse may catch you seeing a plant that you’ve heard of but never seen, or learning how plants that you do know can be used in ways you didn’t realize.

The greenhouse makes you believe you can do this at home.

Living with the Land

If there’s an award for best backyard garden skills, I’m the last person in line to be nominated. That said, looking around at the greenhouses, it’s easy to get inspired and think “I could do that.” In fact, many people have created their own hydroponics gardens after being inspired with a ride through of Living with the Land.

It has the signature Classic EPCOT vibe.

No characters here. No massive special effects. No thrill ride experiences. Just a slow-moving boat ride going past plants that might teach you something along the way. I have a feeling it would be hard to pitch this kind of ride today and have it built in a Disney park, and that’s a real shame. This ride retains the classic EPCOT vibe, and does so in a way that helps it stand the test of time. On a recent ride, the family in the two rows behind us, comprising at least three generations, had never been on the ride before and really had no idea what to expect. There were gasps of amazement as the boat rounded the corner and into the greenhouse, and at the end of the ride, they applauded. As they left, they said it was the neatest thing they had seen all day. Truly, this ride stands the test of time.

Are you a fan of Living with the Land? What’s your favorite part of this ride? Let us know in the comments.

First published August 1, 2019. Revised May 11, 2021.


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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons to Love Living with the Land

  • We always ride this multiple times when we visit EPCOT. It is a great way to enjoy a sit down and to rest your legs whilst enjoying a leisurely boat ride (which is my favourite type of ride). I love the animal scenes at the start and I always love to see what things are growing in the greenhouse. We have done a behind the seeds tour here which was great and very informative. I got to release some ladybugs and feed the fish. There’s usually little to no wait too which is a bonus. Finally I love eating at the revolving restaurant here, the food is very good, there’s plenty of it, you get to see Mickey and friends all the while enjoying slowly passing scenes from the ride.

  • This is one of our favorite rides at DisneyWorld, my kids included.

  • I’ll never build a ride where I meet Anna and Elsa, but I built a hydroponic rig in my driveway thanks to what I learned at The Land and the Behind the Seeds tour. Sadly, Disney doesn’t value this kind of EPCOT attraction anymore, and EPCOT Center became Epcot (Eh, put crap over there)

  • I completely agree that this ride has that “classic EPCOT vibe” and also that it likely wouldn’t even make it past a mention if someone suggested it as a new ride today. In that vein, while I have measured excitement about some of the new attractions coming to EPCOT, I fear the park is beginning to lose it raison detre.

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