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Original Date Palm Removed from Living with the Land

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Fans of Living with the Land will see changes to the attraction. In addition to a fresh coat of paint in some places and a stunningly crisp new video on the video scenes before the greenhouse, a long-time resident of the attraction has been removed.

The giant date palm that was the centerpiece of the tropical green house (the first greenhouse you enter on the ride) has been removed. This palm was original with the ride, and over the years had grown close enough that it was starting to crowd the very top of the pavilion. Here’s how it looked earlier this year.

With its removal, a new date palm has been planted in its place.

Although plants come and go from the attraction throughout the year, this one was a pretty significant change. Share your thoughts about this in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Original Date Palm Removed from Living with the Land

  • The CM who led our Behind the Seeds tour a year ago worked in the Tropical greenhouse and said they were about to replace it back then. Guess it took a while to make sure it could be done without damaging anything

  • What did they do with it?

    • Due to its size and condition, and the challenges with removing it, I believe the proper euphemism sadly would be “It was sent to live out its life on a lovely tree farm upstate.”

  • I get why they needed to remove it, it was basically touching the top of the roof, but sad to see anything original to the Land get removed.

    Side note it looks like Living with the Land is a getting some love elsewhere too, good to see them investing in this classic attraction.

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