Ultimate Touring Plans: Updated Rules and Leaderboard

You may have heard of these things called “Ultimate Touring Plans” — crazy, extreme touring plans that let you see everything in a Disney park in one day. And we do mean everything: all the attractions, shows, character greetings, parades and fireworks. We’ve had people, including Fred and I, attempt them during all times of the year: quiet times in January and February as well as peak days such as July 4th and December 31st. We even have a subscriber named Kenny attempting the record today with his two sons in the blistering heat!

With the help of David Davies (who shall henceforth be known as the Ultimate Touring Plans Czar), we set out to clean up and standardize the rules of Ultimate Touring and update our Hall of Fame.

You can now find out everything Ultimate at: http://touringplans.com/ultimate.

Congrats to the new Ultimate Touring champions Graeme and Megan McGufficke, who completed 59 attractions in 13:39 minutes on June 12!

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Henry Work

Henry is the developer at TouringPlans.com, joining to work on the website and build Lines, among other things! Before joining the Unofficial Guide team, Henry was the lead developer at TechCrunch, one of the world's leading technology blogs. Though he would live at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort if he could, he's become a huge Disneyland fan since moving to the bay area. You find Henry on the TouringPlans Twitter account or contact him at henry@touringplans.com.

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