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Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar Update for March 2024

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Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar Update: What You Need to Know

The Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar has been updated through the end of 2025 using the latest wait time data from Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Here’s a summary of what these updates mean for your visit.

Review of Recent Crowd Levels

Since January 1, 2024, Universal Studios saw an average crowd level of ‘7’, against a predicted ‘6’. This discrepancy has led to adjustments in the calendar, with predictions for March to June 2024 increasing by up to two points. In September, some predictions jump from ‘3’s and ‘4’s to ‘6’s and ‘7’s.

At Islands of Adventure, the average crowd level was ‘6’, against a predicted ‘4’. Following this, predictions for March and April will see a slight increase, but no changes will exceed two points.

Crowd Level Distribution

Analysis shows that ‘1’s are rare and ’10’s are frequent, suggesting a need for scale adjustment. However, the scale remains unchanged for now, ensuring consistency in how wait times are interpreted. So if you visited in 2023 on a crowd level ‘6’, a crowd level ‘6’ in 2024 will feel about the same. You can see observed crowd levels for dates in the past by clicking “View Past Dates” on the crowd calendar page.

Insights from Data Analysis

Our analysis has led to updates reflecting the latest trends. While many dates remain unchanged, some predictions have increased, particularly for Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure:

  • Universal Studios Florida: New predictions average at 6.9, with an average increase of 0.43 points. Some predictions have increased by up to 3 points.
  • Islands of Adventure: New predictions average at 5.4, with a modest average increase of 0.13 points, ranging from a decrease of 1 point to an increase of 2 points.

Comparative Overview and Predictions

The data indicates an expectation of higher attendance, especially at Universal Studios Florida, where the maximum increase in predictions is up to 3 points. Adjustments at Islands of Adventure are more conservative, suggesting a stable attendance pattern.

Planning Your Visit in 2024

With these updates, the rest of 2024 is expected to be busier, especially for Universal Studios Florida. You should consider these predictions when planning your visit to select the best times to go. But remember that the single best way to beat the crowds is to follow a touring plan.


We hope these updates provide some insights for planning your visit to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Knowing the expected crowd levels can help optimize your trip, whether you’re looking to avoid busy days or enjoy the full range of what the parks have to offer.

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