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Walt Disney World Holiday eBook Sample Section

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Thanks to everyone who has purchased our new TouringPlans.com eBooks: Disneyland: Holiday TouringPlans eGuide 2012 and Walt Disney World: Holiday Season TouringPlans eGuide 2012, and double-thanks to those who have sent kind notes complimenting us on the eBooks. We poured a lot of time and energy into these eBooks, so it’s great to hear that readers are enjoying them!

For those of you still on the fence, we thought we’d share a little more of the Walt Disney World Holiday eBook! By clicking here you can access a PDF containing two sample sections from the eBook! (Note: due to file size limitations, this sample section has been compressed and its image quality is lower than the quality of the full eBook.) These are just a few of the pages and photos contained in the full 111-page eBook, which features over 150 high quality photos of Walt Disney World at Christmas!

Use the buttons below to purchase the eBooks:

Walt Disney World Holiday eGuide 2012: Click “Add to Cart” to purchase Walt Disney World: Holiday Season TouringPlans eGuide 2012. Add to Cart
Disneyland Holiday eGuide 2012: Click “Add to Cart” to purchase Disneyland: Holiday TouringPlans eGuide 2012. Add to Cart

For more information on these Holiday eBooks, including additional screenshots, please click here.

If you’ve already purchased your copy of either eBook, please share your thoughts about them in the comments! Good, bad, or ugly, we’d love some “reader testimonials.” 

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Tom Bricker

Tom is an amateur Walt Disney World photographer. He recently married his princess, Sarah, to whom he became engaged at WDW on the beach of the Polynesian Resort in 2007. Tom and Sarah have a miniature dachshund named Walter E. Dogsney and a yellow cat named Yossarian the Cat. Together, Sarah and Tom run the website http://DisneyTouristBlog.com. Tom's photography can be found on his Flickr page (www.flickr.com/tombricker) and he can be contacted via Twitter (@wdwfigment) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/wdwfigment).

2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Holiday eBook Sample Section

  • So far, only got to Page 2, but has this got the Touring Plans humor?

    “Designed and produced in the United States of America.
    Sam the Eagle would be proud of this distinctly patriotic

    Oh yes!


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