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Watch The Premiere Episode Of Our New YouTube Series “Ask Jim Hill”

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Over on the TouringPlans YouTube channel we posted the first episode of our new original series, “Ask Jim Hill.” New episodes will be posted every Tuesday, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube!

In the first episode of Ask Jim Hill, Jim and Len answer questions about the most and least profitable resorts in Walt Disney World. Also on this episode, a viewer asks if WDW management is dragging its feet in expansion.

If you have a question about Disney or Universal history, you can submit it to AskJimHill@TouringPlans.com

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Guy Selga Jr.

Disneyland writer for TouringPlans.com and co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland. Also a Disneyland local and appreciator of Disney theme park history. Twitter and Instagram: @guyselga

9 thoughts on “Watch The Premiere Episode Of Our New YouTube Series “Ask Jim Hill”

  • Is it wrong that when Jim joked about eating a toddler I thought of Turkey Legs??

    Love the new show… Looking forward to seeing it develop further.

  • Love the new format! Short, sweet, and informative. Ok, maybe not sweet, but definitely funny!

  • I look forward to seeing more of these segments! I completely agree about the general thoughts about Magic Bands – the idea of not carrying more stuff is cool, but I don’t know how it will increase revenue.

    • I remember reading some speculation about how the magic bands are only one part of a “master plan” to revamp the vacation experience. Magic bands go with fastpass plus (which will eliminate the old fast pass.) The thought was that Disney will likely offer incentives to book a package at a more expensive resort in order to have more fastpass plus time slots….. So if this proves true, then the magic band is just a part of a bigger plan that is designed to make you want to spend more. Right?

    • The easier it is to pay the more stuff people buy. Magic bands are slightly simpler than a credit card, since you don’t need to dig through a wallet or purse to find it. It may sound silly, but it really does make a difference. It’s the same reason Amazon has 1-click ordering.

      • +1 this comment.

    • The other magic bands “magic” is capacity. On a WDW Today podcast recently, Mike Scopa mentioned that a cast member had told him that the core reason for magic bands is “we want to know where you are at all times.” If Disney can map its traffic patterns and see where flows are constricted, where people bail out of attractions (or never enter the queue,) and can use FP+ to steer people to less populated areas (“hey! I just got a magic fastpass for Ellen’s Energy Adventure!”) then they can get more people in the park.

      I would not be surprised, once MB and FP+ are completely operational (said in a Grand Moff Tarkin voice) that we see a ticket **decrease** in order to try to get more heads into the parks. Say you average $100 in spending per guest inside the park on top of tickets, and you find with MB you can bump that up to $125 per guest. Wouldn’t you want to sell two $75 tickets resulting in $400 in revenue instead of one $95 ticket resulting in $195? It would also tie in nicely with the rumored variable ticket pricing.

  • Nice opening effort for the show. I’ve enjoyed the previous podcasts posted on YouTube and I just subscribed to the channel.

    “Cannibalism?” That casts a whole new light on the term “Kids Meal”.


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