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New TouringPlans Teaches Episode: An Evening in EPCOT

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In this week’s episode of TouringPlans Teaches, we’re covering the most popular recent request and spending an evening in EPCOT. This strategy assumed a pretty late arrival to EPCOT (4 or 4:30 pm) and no access to Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane purchases. It’s perfect as a “after that afternoon nap” plan, or as a second park after you spend a party day in the Magic Kingdom. You can also use it as an arrival day plan if you have a midday flight.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • How much you can accomplish between 4 pm and park close at EPCOT
  • Which attractions will have reasonable evening waits, and which you’ll need to plan around
  • Where to eat for quick, high-quality food
  • How to minimize walking back and forth from World Showcase to Future World
  • Where to watch Harmonious, if that’s your jam …

Join me below (or on YouTube) as we walk through everything you need to know about how to spend an excellent evening in EPCOT. If you have thoughts or questions about this strategy, or want to request another strategy for me to cover in the future, drop them in the comments below!

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Becky Gandillon

Becky Gandillon was trained in biomedical engineering, but is now a full-time data and analytics nerd. She loves problem solving and travelling. She and her husband, Jeff, live in St. Louis with their two daughters and they have Disney family movie night every Saturday. You can follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-gandillon/ or instagram @raisingminniemes

3 thoughts on “New TouringPlans Teaches Episode: An Evening in EPCOT

  • Hi Becky. Any chance you’ll be doing more youtube for the park in future? You are the best!

  • Strategy Question. If I receive a Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue time after 2pm, could I change my reservation to a different park for the morning and then Park Hop into EPCOT at 2pm?

    • If we are able to efficiently plan out how to spend our time, there won’t be a difficulty.


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