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What I Love! Birthday Magic!

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Travel to the Happiest Place on Earth is far happier when you’re there to celebrate the birthday of someone you love. It’s even better when you manage to have one or two of those truly magical moments that stay with you forever. That’s exactly what our post today is about, plus some other magical moments over the years. Jeanette (Liner name GoGreenGoWhite) is from Michigan and is a long-time TouringPlans subscriber (woohoo!) and mom of two beautiful kiddos. Jeanette writes:
What I love about Walt Disney World is the magic and joy that it brings to my family. The first time we took our children to the parks, our daughter, Carolyn, was 3 1/2 years old.  We had spent the day at the Magic Kingdom and had her hair styled at Harmony Barber Shop while her little brother was getting his very first hair cut.  Belle was my daughter’s favorite princess at the time so she decided to wear her yellow Belle gown the entire day.  We ate dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table and when Carolyn saw Belle was coming to our table, the pure joy in her face was truly priceless. You can clearly see how happy she was that she was about to meet her idol! This photo still remains one of our favorites of our sweet girl. 
Right from the moment when I met her, saw her…
On our children’s 3rd visit to Walt Disney World, in 2017, we had dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant.  When it was time for our family to meet the Beast, our son, Brendan, bowed down to the Beast.  The Beast then bowed in return.  I didn’t notice until I saw our family picture (below) that Brendan was holding his hand over his heart.  This series of photos represents the magic of Disney to me.  Our son was 6 years old at the time and this whole interaction was purely on his own, no coaching was done.  I love these pictures because they show what the magic of Disney represents to me and they also show Brendan’s sweet and sensitive nature. 
A bow before a Beast
True love!
My final favorite memory is from a large family trip in 2018 to celebrate my mom’s 70th, my husband’s 40th, and our daughter’s 10th birthdays! My mom had not been to Walt Disney World in about 30 years and she was just living it up and having a ball the entire week.  My most special memory from that time with her was riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  She was just filled with joy and loudly made it known! My mom and I are in the red shirts in the front of the train and the look on her face just says it all! Lots of Disney magic on this trip made all 3 of their birthdays truly memorable.    
Happy Birthday Grandma, Dad, and Carolyn!


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