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Today’s edition of What I Love from Liner Jenny H. involves a dad returning home from Iraq, but it’s not what you think. Jenny writes:
My favorite Disney memory takes place a few years ago when my husband had just returned from Iraq. Our 3rd child was born while he was gone and they were just meeting in person for the first time. Naturally, we decided a trip to Walt Disney World would be in order so that our two older children could spend time reconnecting with their dad and the whole family could have a bit of fun to celebrate his safe return home.
Our favorite symbol of fun
My sister, Aunt Peggy to our kids, offered to come on our trip with us to help babysit our youngest so that my husband and I could ride some of the bigger attractions and rides with our oldest children. The detail that made this interesting is that my sister Peggy is NOT a Disney person, nor does she have or want children. She is vocal about the fact that she is a dedicated dog person and that’s that!
While we had several wonderful moments on that trip, my favorite is shown below. That’s Peggy with our youngest in the stroller. The best part was that she was wearing a princess Jasmine crown with a veil, a princess necklace around her neck, carrying a backpack with bottles and diapers, pushing a reflecting stroller with a huge Mickey balloon as we exited AstroOrbiter one night. My whole family exploded in laughter! The Magic Kingdom had worked its magic on Aunt Peggy!
Princess Aunt Peggy
All of us that usually walk around the parks in matching shirts understand the spell Aunt Peggy was under! Thank you to Jenny H. and Princess Peggy for sharing such a sweet memory!
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