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What Makes the New Gingerbread Cabin at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge so Special

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A few days ago word went out over the internet that Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was finally getting its own gingerbread display for the holidays. During the holidays Disney’s Wilderness Lodge becomes a beacon of cozy Christmas and holiday cheer. The decorations are so warm and festive. And now with an all new gingerbread display, a cute little cabin to be exact, Wilderness Lodge is a must-visit destination. Let’s talk about all the little things that make the gingerbread cabin so special.

Humphrey the Bear is the star of the Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin

Humphrey the Bear

Anyone who has watched classic Disney cartoons, particularly staring Donald Duck has come across Humphrey the Bear. This funny and silly bear became the unofficial mascot of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge when the resort opened and has only grown in popularity over the years. He is the focal point of the gingerbread cabin, since he is clearly quite photogenic. This also is the only Disney gingerbread display that has a character decorating the display itself. It is a cute touch that he has decorated the cabin with large C9 light bulbs. I only wish I looked this happy when I wrestle with- I mean- gracefully put up my Christmas lights.

Extra Disney Characters

All of Disney’s gingerbread displays are full of detail. The more you look at these displays the more you’ll find. The gingerbread cabin at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a little simple compared to the large Grand Floridian gingerbread house or the intricate carousel at the Beach Club. There are still some fun details to notice, like a few gifts made of fondant and the stack of firewood.

Disney holiday merchandise on display as part of the Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin

The merchandise team has cleverly taken this opportunity to display just a few pieces of merchandise on the gingerbread cabin. If you look closer, though, you’ll find two cute critters that love the wilderness: Chip and Dale. Their adorable presence is a nice touch for those who take the time to walk all the way around the cabin or while sitting in the rocking chairs. I love the detail of the campfire that warms these little furry friends.

Chip and Dale at Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin

The Chimney

Although the log cabin appears simple at first glance, when you get closer you’ll see there is some great detail. The chimney is an intricate pattern made of smaller gingerbread pieces. The geometrical look of this chimney adds a touch of complexity. I also love how the white icing is exposed between the log beams and at the chimney too.

Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin


Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin


Disney Merchandise and Treats

Any time I have visited Disney’s Wilderness Lodge during the holidays I have found it interesting that it is the only one that has holiday merchandise for sale in the lobby, outside of its merchandise shop. Every resort with a gingerbread display has holiday treats for sale nearby. Wilderness Lodge does have treats and beverages for sale, but they also have holiday merchandise available. It is interesting that they are the only resort to do so. Part of me feels it adds to the holiday presence near the display and part of me feels it detracts from it.

Wilderness Lodge Holiday Treats and Merchandise

Happy Anniversary Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Since it was opening day of the display, the chefs responsible for leading the creation of the cabin were out in the lobby. When I asked the Assistant Pastry Chief why this year made it possible for this resort to finally have a gingerbread display, he reminded me of an important date that I had forgotten. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the beloved Wilderness Lodge. The Chef also reminded me that about 15 years ago the Lodge had a gingerbread village display. Pastry Sous Chef Keith Hiner was also on hand for the gingerbread cabin’s debut. He shared stories of his time at other Disney resorts in years past working on their gingerbread displays. The intent is to keep this cute cabin coming back for the foreseeable future. Its debut certainly is a sweet way to make the resort’s silver anniversary.

Wilderness Lodge Gingerbread Cabin

What do you think of this newest addition? Is this on your list of resorts to visit for some holiday cheer? Let us know in the comments.


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