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Wilderness Lodge Cupcakes Are Pretty . . . Tasty

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Cupcakes can be a work of art at Walt Disney World. On a recent trip to Wilderness Lodge, we tried out these cupcakes from Roaring Fork.

First up, the Campfire Cupcake.

What’s interesting about this cupcake compared with other Disney cupcakes is that it isn’t absolutely drowning in frosting.

Do you remember those Hostess cupcakes with the chocolate cake and creme filling? That’s what the flavors on this one was like. The chocolate rocks added a unique design but the chocolate cake and marshmallow filling was good enough by itself to make this a crowd pleaser.

Next, the Creamsicle Cupcake. As advertised, it tasted like a Creamsicle.

Disney cupcakes can be dry sometimes, but the cake on this one was incredibly moist. The light orange flavor blended perfectly with the marshmallow cream to give that summertime treat flavor. If you like the classic Creamsicle, this cupcake is for you.

Each of these cupcakes is $5.99.

Which of these would you be most likely to choose for your outdoorsy treat?


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