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What To Do with Kids in Disney Springs

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Disney Springs is a fantastic place to have fun on your first or last day of your Walt Disney World vacation, especially if you’re flying in or out. But when you have kids with you, it can sometimes feel like a gauntlet of things that want to take your money and test your patience. But don’t worry! From fun rides to chocolate treats, Disney Springs has a bunch of things for your kids to enjoy. In this guide, I’ll share what my family likes to do, and we’ll check out the best ways to play, shop, and eat with kids in mind.


Let’s start with the entertainment available at Disney Springs. The key to having a good time there is to keep your kids happy and having fun. Luckily, there are lots of things for the whole family to enjoy.

Marketplace Carousel

One of the rides that never fails to grab kids’ attention is a carousel. Luckily, there’s a carousel in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. It has 16 horses or 2 carriages that take riders on a gentle spin – which averages about 2 minutes. The best part is, it only costs $5, which is somehow similar in price to a carousel that we ride regularly at home. No Disney upcharging here. Bonus – if you have a real carousel fanatic, you can get 6 rides for $20. That’s two free rides!

Kids of any age are welcome to ride the carousel. But if a member of your family is under 42 inches tall, they will need an adult to ride with them. That accompanying adult rides for free.

Marketplace Carousel

Marketplace Train

All aboard the Marketplace Train! Take a quick ride through Disney Springs on this cute little train. The open-air cars give kids a great view as they enjoy a short trip around the Marketplace. It’s a fun experience that adds a little extra transportation magic to your visit – once again for $5 per ride, or six rides for $20.

Like the carousel, all kids can ride the train. But if they are shorter than 36 inches, they need a parent to ride with them (for free).

Marketplace Train


For families who like indoor fun – or need a break from all of the sunscreen required by the outdoors – Splitsville Luxury Lanes is the place to be. Bowling is a great way to have fun with the kids, and Splitsville is perfect for families. They have light bowling balls and bumpers for little bowlers. And after a few strikes, you can take a break and enjoy a tasty meal from their rather large menu.

Splitsville Lanes

Disney Springs Water Taxis

If your kids love the water, consider taking a boat ride along the waterways of Disney Springs. Most people know or hear about the expensive Amphicars that launch near the Boathouse. Less well-known are the free water taxis that are mostly meant to carry resort guests from Port Orleans, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs to/from Disney Springs. But there are three stops in Disney Springs, and anyone is welcome to ride between them. It’s a great way for your family to see the beauty of this unique shopping and entertainment district from a different angle.

Kids Club

Waterview Park is an open-air entertainment venue in The Landing area of Disney Springs. On Saturdays at 10:30 am, 11:15 am, and noon (check here for up-to-date hours), it hosts free, fun, interactive entertainment for kids of all ages. Participate in (or watch) a dance party, play some musical instruments, jump rope, hula hoop, or limbo!

Splash Pads

On warm Florida days, the splash pads found in Disney Springs are perfect for a refreshing break. As long as you’re prepared to deal with soggy children, or you bring a spare set of clothes. Let your kids cool off as they run through the water jets and play in the interactive fountains. It’s a great way to combine playtime with beating the heat. You can find the splash pads near Earl of Sandwich and behind the Christmas store. They’re not the fanciest splash pads on Disney property, but I doubt your kids will be picky about it.

Disney Springs Splash Pad

Art of Disney

So I put a store in the play section. No, I’m not crazy. Typically, anything at the Art of Disney store in Disney Springs is out of our vacation souvenir budget (although they do sometimes have a great selection of postcards, and even dolls). But our kids are almost endlessly entertained by playing I Spy in this shop. We have them point out any pieces with their favorite characters – which works great at the beginning of a trip to build anticipation or at the end of the trip to share memories of character meets. Then we spy colors or characters or art styles and explore. It’s a great way to spend time together, and to start building an appreciation for art at a young age.

Art of Disney store


While Disney Springs is known for shopping, not all stores are equally fun for kids. Here are some must-visit shops that cater specifically to the younger crowd – and won’t give parents anxiety about breakable merchandise or kids falling in love with high-price items.

Lego Store

Let your child’s creativity shine at the Lego Store. This massive shop has impressive Lego sculptures that will inspire any builder, a Pick-A-Brick wall where kids can fill a cup with bricks of their own choosing, and an unbeatable in-store selection of Lego sets. There’s even a play area where children can build and race their own Lego cars.

My family has two Disney trip traditions that involve the Lego store at Disney Springs. The first is that on the last day of our trip, before heading to the airport, we’ll go to the Lego store and pick out a Disney-themed set to build once we get home. That way we have a souvenir, plus we get to do a family building activity after vacation is over and we’re battling the post-Disney blues.

The second is building personalized Lego minifigs in-store. In one corner of the store, you’ll find a fleet of computer screens where you can design and print a torso portion of your own custom minifig. Employees help guide you through the process, and the design interface is easy enough for a 4-year-old to use. Once you design the torso, you get to select a bottom half of your figure, a head, hair, and an accessory. By the time you make all of your selections, your torso will be printed and you’ll get a box to take home your minifig. It’s a fun activity with a take-home souvenir, all for $11.99+ tax. And Annual Passholders get a discount!

Lego Store

M&M’s Store

Indulge your sweet tooth and let your kids explore a colorful world of chocolate at the M&M’s store. With a variety of candies and interactive displays, this store is a sensory delight. The personalized M&M printing station is a memorable experience, letting kids create their own customized treats.

World of Disney

No visit to Disney Springs is complete without a stop at the World of Disney store. This huge store is the centerpiece of the shopping district, and is bursting with Disney stuff, from clothes and accessories to toys and home goods. My kids can spend a full hour in this store just browsing everything that there is to see.

But if you’re going to tackle World of Disney, you need some parenting hacks:

  1. Keep track of your kids. The store will be busy and crowded with other families just as chaotic as yours. Keep a 1:1 parent-to-kid ratio, or make sure that children beyond that ratio are physically attached to you.
  2. In case the worst happens, show kids how to recognize cast members and make sure they know not to leave the store without you. You can purchase temporary tattoo markers and write your phone number on their arm. Cast members are trained to look for those and can help reunite you. This is a great way to stay safe in the parks too!
  3. Introduce the store as a way to build a shopping list for their birthday or upcoming holiday. That way they’re prepared to potentially walk out empty-handed, but with dreams of getting the cool new toy as a present in the future. We’ve used this strategy with our kids when they were as young as 2! The bonus is that grandparents typically love picking out presents that will remind the kids of that magical Disney vacation. Win-win-win.
World of Disney store

Spin Art

For a unique and hands-on shopping experience, head to The Art Corner. This store is all about quick art pieces. Frequently, kids can even create their own vibrant spin art masterpieces, which make personalized and memorable souvenirs. It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of creativity to your Disney Springs adventure.


After all that exploring, you’re bound to get hungry. Luckily, there are lots of family-friendly places to eat. Here are some restaurants that kids will love, as proven by personal experience and many thousands of WDW post-visit surveys from other families with kids!

Rainforest Cafe

Step into the wild at the Rainforest Cafe, where a rainforest-themed environment comes to life with animated animals, thunderstorms, and lush vegetation. The extensive kids’ menu and entertaining atmosphere make this a dining experience that turns into an adventure. Adults rate this location very poorly, but kids adore it. So if you’re looking to put a big smile on their face, this is a great place to dine.

Rainforest Cafe


Take a journey back in time at T-REX, a dinosaur-themed restaurant. Kids are fascinated by the life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that decorate the restaurant, creating a unique atmosphere. And the impressively large menu ensures that there’s something for even the pickiest eaters.

For both Rainforest Cafe and T-REX, you can take some of the sting out of choosing to dine at these kid-focused locations by joining the Landry’s Select Club. There is a one-time $25 fee to join, but then you get $25 in dining rewards – plus, most importantly, you get priority seating at all Landry’s locations. That includes Rainforest Cafe and T-REX.

T-REX Restaurant

Raglan Road

For families wanting to blend delicious food with a little cultural immersion and great entertainment, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant is a great choice. The lively atmosphere, live entertainment, and traditional Irish fare make it a hit with both parents and kids. Don’t miss the chance to catch a spirited dance performance while enjoying your meal. Kids also typically receive stickers, which are basically as exciting as cash. There’s a reason this is the number one table service restaurant in all of Walt Disney World for 2023. Every one finds something to love at Raglan Road!

This requires a picture of bread pudding.


Finish off your Disney Springs adventure with a sweet treat from Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Indulge in shareable ice cream sundaes and other delicious desserts. My family can easily split an ice cream sundae – and most of them come with bonus Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Pet-parent hack: if you have friends or family taking care of your fur-babies at home, some Ghirardelli chocolates make a great thank-you present.

Ghirardelli restaurant and store

What Does This Mean For You?

Disney Springs has lots of great options for ways to spend time with kids. If you do a little research in advance and have a plan for your time there, you and your kids will have a great time. Find that right blend of playtime, shopping for souvenirs, and eating and build out your perfect Disney Springs day!

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