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Where to Find the Exits for Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Rides

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a good balance of animal experiences and attractions that range from thrills to relaxed chills. But there may be folks in your group that prefer to just chill and avoid the thrills. In that case it’s good to know where the exits to the rides they are not interested in are at so they can plan to meet up with you when you’re done.

If you want to meet up with your party at the exit area the options at Animal Kingdom are a little weak compared to other parks. But, you can also go through the queue with your party so you can stick together, and then let the Cast Member know you do not wish to ride, and they’ll direct you to where you can wait to meet your party. While in line, browse our Lines app to check out ratings for all the restaurants in the park. Place your lunch, snack, or dinner order through mobile ordering in the MyDisneyExperience app so your food will be ready when you’re done.

Rivers of Light Amphitheater for Expedition Everest Waiting

Here’s where to locate the exit for some of Animal Kingdom’s most popular attractions, and yes, some of them do exit into a gift shop.

  • Expedition Everest– The queue for this attraction is well detailed so you may want to consider at least walking through with your party. The “chicken exit” is easy to get to from the loading area. This attraction exits into the gift shop, without any seats nearby. But there is a small waiting area to the far right of the entrance, or you can sit in the Rivers of Light amphitheater.
  • Kali River Rapids – If you’re not up for getting wet like the rest of your group, there’s a few benches just on the other side of the bridge that riders will cross once they exit.
Kali River Rapids Exit Area
  • DINOSAUR – Besides being a rough and often fast ride, DINOSAUR is dark at parts and loud. This ride exits into a merchandise shop, but there is a nice shaded area just outside the building, to the right of the entrance.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris – Although Safaris is not a thrill ride, some folks may elect not to ride, like expectant mothers and those with heart or back conditions. The exit for Safaris is really awkward, down a winding trail near the entrance to Gorilla Falls. There are some tables and chairs near the ride’s entrance, and Harambe Market quick service is currently not open, but has tables and chairs available.
  • Avatar Flight of Passage – If you’d rather not uh… fly (this attraction is very thrilling after all), there is not much of a waiting area here. This ride does exit into a merchandise shop, and there are a few benches outside.
Flight of Passage Exit Area

I like to enjoy some quiet time while my party goes on thrill rides. I usually go grab a drink as soon as they get in line, and then grab a seat near the exit while I sip, sit, and people watch. Of course, in the park it is tempting to just sit and enjoy Nomad Lounge while I wait.

Do you prefer to stick together with your party, or enjoy some quiet from time to time?


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