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Five Reasons Why We Love the Jingle Cruise

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It is currently the only attraction at Walt Disney World to receive a holiday overlay this year. Since 2013, the Jingle Cruise been providing holiday cheer while sailing the yuletide. Some people find it cheesy and perhaps even thrown together. But there are many that love it – myself included. So let’s board a boat, and wave to the nice people on the dock, to see why we love the Jingle Cruise.

The Queue Decorations

I do not mind waiting in line one bit for The Jingle Cruise. The queue is full of old fashioned Christmas decorations from around the 1930s. Many of the items remind me of decorations my grandmother had. The tropical Christmas tree in the center of the queue is my favorite. There’s some great details too. There’s a Secret Santa list and other holiday cheer involving the Jungle Cruise skippers. The festive fun of this attraction starts the moment you walk into its queue.

Holiday Decorations at The Jingle Cruise
Holiday Decorations at The Jingle Cruise

The Queue Music

I love Big Band Jazz and music from the 1930s and 1940s. I think part of what gave me my love for the genre is The Bubble Room. I grew up here in Central Florida and The Bubble Room was an over-the-top kitschy restaurant that I went to with my family as a child, for special occasions. They played Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald, and with its whimsy décor it felt like a magical place to adolescent me.  That era of Christmas music plays over the airways of the Jingle Cruise.

Note: The Bubble Room in the Central Florida area closed long ago, but the original location in Captiva Island, Florida is still around – for those that are interested.

The Boat Names

Each Jungle Cruise boat that hauls guests through the rivers of the world has a name. But during the holiday season each boat is given a holiday name. Seeing the boat names pass by as you wait for your turn can be part of the fun of the Jingle Cruise. Names like Icicle Irma, Poinsettia Sal, Yulelog Lolly, and Candy Cane Connie sail the yuletide this time of year.

The Jingle Cruise

The Holiday Humor

It wouldn’t be a voyage on the Jingle Cruise without the pun-laden script of the Skippers. And this time of year, you’re in for lots of holiday humor.  As you embark on your journey you’ll wave goodbye to the nice people on the dock, and the naughty ones too. You’ll pass by a tree that’s been wrapped up with a boa on top. And maybe your Skipper will make a New Year’s joke, if they don’t drop the ball. You get the idea.

The Jingle Cruise
The Jingle Cruise – A Tree Wrapped in a Boa

Classic Scenes Get a Holiday Makeover

The Jungle Cruise is full of classic scenes that have been part of the ride for decades. Many of these classic scenes are given a holiday makeover. But not all the scenes get into the holiday spirit. It’s nice to round a bend waiting to see if the next scene will be at its merriest, or just its silliest.

The Jingle Cruise
The Jingle Cruise
Trader Sam at The Jingle Cruise

Have you sailed aboard The Jingle Cruise? Do you have a favorite part?

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