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10 Reasons DINKs Would Enjoy Disney Cruise Line

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I know what some of you are thinking. “Are you sure DINKs would enjoy Disney Cruise Line?” Wait. That wasn’t it? Oh, you’re wondering what a DINK is! Well that’s easy. A Dink is a Double Income No Kids family (and let me immediately apologize if there is another, inappropriate meaning that I am too old or naïve to know). It’s obvious why the first two letters in that acronym would like a Disney cruise. They have more money! But the second two letters may throw you off a little. For many couples without kids, Disney isn’t the first cruise line they would consider (or maybe even a cruise line they would consider at all!) when planning a cruise. Well they should! Because Disney cruises are fun for everyone, even adults with no kids. My disclaimer here is as follows: yes, I know there are lots of other great cruise lines and yes, I know there are good reasons to sail on those other cruise lines. What I am trying to say here is – don’t rule Disney out just because you don’t have kids. There are reasons people love it after all.

1. Adult-Only Pools – When you picture a pool on a family cruise line, you are probably picturing a pool full of screaming, playing, splashing children. Well, you will find those on every Disney ship! The good news is you will also find a pool that is blissfully free of children – the adult only pool. There are certain times of day when it can get crowded, but it’s all adults. Many cruise lines do not have adult-only pools, but Disney recognized there would be times where the adults would want a calmer setting than swimming children afford. The Magic and Wonder have a long rectangular adult pool for swimming with wide shallow ledges on the side, perfect for lounging in water that’s only a few inches deep. There are also two hot tubs adjacent to the pool for adults to enjoy. The Dream and Fantasy have a pool divided into three circular sections. One is rimmed with seats, one is deeper water, and one is only a few inches deep for sunning. There’s a bar on one side of that last circle as well. Additionally, both ships have infinity hot tubs. The Fantasy also has Satellite Falls which is a small wading-type pool built with a waterfall feature. Trust me, even on a crowded day, they’re 1000 times more peaceful than the kid’s pool.

2. Adult-Only Café – All four ships have an adult-only café called Cove Café near the adult pools. It’s a great place to relax and order your favorite specialty coffee and baked treats. The coffee and alcohol are an additional charge, but the snacks are not! There are magazine and books to enjoy while you relax as well. It’s a great little spot!

3. Adult-Only Excursions – Disney doesn’t forget about the adults when it comes to excursions. While there are excellent family excursions which adults are welcome on (and even some excursions with kid-focused activities), several ports also have excursions designed only for adults. Not only will there be activities on these excursions that children couldn’t have participated in even if they were there, but many adults will also greatly appreciate that their fellow companions on these excursions are all adults, which may contribute to a sense of peacefulness on excursions involving long transport times, like bus rides. If you need a break from children, take an adult-only excursion!

4. Adult-Only Beach – Disney’s amazing private island, Castaway Cay, is the highlight of many cruises. The family beach, kids’ splash areas, game pavilion, snorkeling lagoon, all of it is great! But there’s an adult-only haven on the other side of the island called Serenity Bay. It’s a long walk or a quick set of tram rides from the ship. The beach is beautiful and there are chairs, umbrellas, cabanas, roaming bartenders, everything adults might enjoy. There’s also a restaurant there so you don’t have to make your way back to the family beaches when you get hungry or thirsty. As a bonus, there are often treats for the adults at lunch that the restaurants on the family beach don’t have. Like steak!!

5. Adult-Only Nightclubs – The nightclubs onboard the ships are open to all guests much of the time, but at night, they are adult only! The late evenings are filled with great activities geared towards adults. The variety acts, while not usually over the top racy, are definitely adult themed once the kids are banned. Match Your Mate is a Newlywed Game-type show which is usually hilarious, and you wouldn’t want your children anywhere near when the couples onstage start oversharing. After the nightly shows, stick around for themed dance parties, karaoke, and more fun!

6. Adult-Only Restaurants – For the most peaceful of meals, the adult-only restaurants are the place you want to be. That’s not just because of the lack of children; they’re excellent restaurants. Remy, on the Dream and Fantasy, is a first class dining experience some people will be shocked to find on a family cruise line. It’s about as classy as high dining gets. Choose from one of two tasting menus developed by renowned chefs, or customize a combination of the two. It’s course after course of amazing food. Palo on all four ships is one of our favorite restaurants anywhere. Brunch is divine, and I hear they’re testing new additions to the menu on current sailings. The filet at dinner is one of the best I’ve ever had. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the highlights of dinner is dessert! There are several great options but everyone needs to try the chocolate soufflé at least once in their life. Maybe 5 or 6 times.

7. Vacation With Friends and their Kids – Maybe you are DINKS who are surrounded by friends or family with children! Maybe you would enjoy vacationing with said friends, but they enjoy vacationing with their children! And hey, maybe you enjoy their kids too sometimes! A cruise where guests of all ages can have a great time may be the perfect answer. Odds are good that once the children get a glimpse of the kid’s clubs they’re going to want to spend at least a little bit of time there, probably a lot. That’s the perfect time for the rest of you to enjoy some adult-only time. Or maybe the other family wants to spend the entire cruise with the children! That’s understandable! The good news is, you can spend time with them too, and still have enough other activities to entertain yourself when you want to split up! We often travel with family grandparents who, while they love their grandkids and want to spend time with them, also enjoy some vacation time without little ones around. Disney cruises are perfect for us.

8. BYOB and Alcohol Tastings– Disney’s bring your own alcohol policy certainly wasn’t made for children! Adults who enjoy adult beverages and don’t want to spend a decent percentage of their vacation budget on purchasing those beverages will appreciate being able to bring their own alcohol onboard. The only real rule on quantity is that it must be able to fit into your carry-on, and that carry-on cannot be a hard sided cooler. There are multiple alcohol tasting opportunities onboard as well. Even the shortest sailings tend to have Mixology classes, wine tastings, beer tastings, etc. They’re an additional cost, but the price is actually pretty good considering what you get in return!

9. Adult Seminars – On most cruises, Disney has some fun activities onboard meant only for adults. The Art of Entertaining is a series of cooking, napkin folding, and other things to help with your at home entertaining. Or your at home eating. The Navigator Series sessions are hosted by bridge officers who demonstrate navigational techniques and customs. Bingo, Disney’s version of onboard gambling which Kristi Fredericks wrote about recently, is great fun! Children are allowed but only adults can win, so even if they’re there, at least they’re not competition! We’ve seen lots of other fun adult-only activities pop up over the years so always check your Navigator for options!

10. Excellent Spa – All four ships have a beautiful Spa. On the Disney Wonder it’s Vista Spa and Salon, and Senses Spa and Salon on the other three. Senses also includes a teen-only spa called Chill Spa. Lucky them! There are many of your typical salon services like massages, couples massages, aromatherapy, saunas, acupuncture, etc., as well as a full-service salon and fitness center. The state of the art fitness center gives you the chance to work out with a view. There are classes as well as most of the equipment you would find in any nice gym at home. The Rainforest Room in the spa is a popular adult haven on all four ships with a sauna, steam shower, and wonderful heated tile chairs. If you’re looking to get away from just about anything, this is the place to be.

So are you a DINK? Or even a SINK? Are you an adult without kids that has tried a Disney Cruise? Do you agree? Are there any other reasons I missed?

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Tammy Whiting

Tammy has been a lover of all things Disney for most of her life. There’s nowhere on this Earth she’d rather be than on a Disney cruise with her family. She’s a Space Force wife and proud mom of two wonderful children and one beautiful daughter-in-law . She fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2008 and became a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations. She now owns her own travel agency - Storybook Destinations. You can reach Tammy at Tammy@StorybookDestinations.com.

25 thoughts on “10 Reasons DINKs Would Enjoy Disney Cruise Line

  • We aren’t DINKs, but we have cruised Disney with and without the kids. Our best vacations ever!

  • My husband and I are retired and travel primarily without (grand)kids. We’ve cruised RCI, Holland and Disney and Disney is my favorite. The veranda staterooms are in line with the Signature Suite level on Holland. Disney’s adult only areas are fantastic and I prefer their bars and pools to the other lines. Disney entertainment – both live and other options – were far superior to the others, as was the general service. I prefer the enrichment lectures and excursions on Holland but they cater to travelers specifically looking for that. We’re not casino people so it’s a plus Disney doesn’t have any. And we think Castaway Cay is the most perfect beach in the world. So if the ship and sailing are the intended focus, we’ll do Disney and if the ports of call are the reason for the cruise, we’ll do Holland.

  • When they first opened they did not have a Casino on board. Is that still the case? I was surprised about an article here about Bingo that kids could play for cash prizes.

    • That is still the case. I believe you are referring to Kristi’s article that I referenced? She actually said children could play with adults, but could not win prizes. 🙂

  • A little disappointed by this article, because pretty much every entry is something that other cruise lines have as well. Given the price difference between Disney and Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, I’d hope for some more things to make a childless couple pick DCL.

    One big difference for adults I notice is that DCL seems to be the only major cruise line without onboard casinos. If you don’t gamble, that’s a substantial chunk of deck space that Disney is putting to better use.

    Rotational dining also seems like it would appeal to DINKS over other cruise lines which usually have a good choice of premium restaurants but only one choice for an included full service restaurant.

    • You are correct, Brian, Disney’s ships are some of the few without casinos and as a non-gambler I do appreciate it.
      I said in the beginning other cruise lines are great for adults without kids as well! I think the point is that the name Disney scares away a lot of people who travel without children and it really shouldn’t.
      I also agree about rotational dining. Love it.
      Thanks for reading!

    • The difference with those lines is that Disney has a reputation of catering to families and children (I say pandering, but potato, potahto). As someone who gets many, many questions about DCL, I can state that “what is there for adults w/o children to do on DCL” and “will I be surrounded by other people’s children on DCL?” are two of most common questions I get about the cruise line. The article isn’t pushing DCL over other lines, just letting people know the options adults have.

    • I agree with you. I’m not “scared” of taking a Disney cruise, just can’t figure out what would justify the price difference for two adults. The only one I can really go for is the BYOB, but isn’t nearly enough. Perhaps a blog on whether a Disney cruise is “worth it” for two adults.

    • Being a thoroughly experianced cruiser on many lines, I can safely say that Disney, in some cases, does certain parts better for adults. Will there be more adult only areas then say, Regent? Sure – because finding a child on a Regent ship is going to be a challenge. It all depends on what you’re looking for as a whole, but as an experienced cruiser who fits this demographic I can appreciate this.

      Again, not disagreeing, just pointing out (as I think you did too in fact) that there are many factors to consider. For me, a big factor is this:
      DCL has enough adult only areas to keep my away from kids, enough kid only areas to keep kids happily entertained, and the public areas are full of happy kids and adults, which for me, makes the kids easier to cope with 😉 I do enjoy Palo and Remy quite a bit though, not just b/c they’re great restaurants, but becuase the rotational dining (which I enjoy) is often a bit loud and family oriented.

      As far as the price point, it just seems to depend. Can you sail an older RCCL or Carnival ship for far less? Of course. Can you sail a newer RCCL ship (say Allure) on a similar itinerary for less? Depends on the time of year. DCL is not cheap, that’s for sure, but the ships (not just the lines) they compete with don’t come in at the ‘last minute NCL Nassau for $49/pp/day’ price point either. This is why once again, I find my next cruise booked on DCL rather than RCCL, despite my desire to see some of their newer offerings. In my case (not everyone’s), DCL was actually cheaper per night.

    • My wife and I (DINKs,) who are traveling on DCL this weekend, find that we choose DCL for the split bathrooms as much as anything! So nice to be able to both get ready at the same time. We also travel on this line due to Disney’s reputation. Now we are BIG Disney people, and I am not sure if we did not buy-in to Pixar, and theme parks, and the Disney lifestyle we would go out of our way for DCL, but we find we book DCL over and over.

    • No casinos but there is bingo with cash prizes so I guess that’s gambling 🙂

  • BYOB? I’ve heard a lot about Disney cruises, but never that they were BYOB! That’s awesome. Sign me and DinkH up!

    • They sure are! There are some rules about where you can consume it, but it can save you a lot of money!

  • I prefer the acronym “THINKER” – Two Healthy Incomes, No Kids, Early Retirement. 🙂

  • We are also a child-free couple and love the Disney cruises for all that you mention. In addition, you forgot “Cheaper rates”. Rates are more expensive during times that the kids are out of school. Go when school is in session and enjoy cheaper rates, as well as fewer kids ship wide.

    • That’s an excellent reason, Michelle. Going when school is in session can definitely save you a lot of money! You’re also right about fewer kids. Some of the longer cruises during the school year, like the Panama Canal cruises, tend to have a very low number of children onboard. Thanks!

  • ” (and let me immediately apologize if there is another, inappropriate meaning that I am too old or naïve to know)”

    Umm, yeah, this word is a disparaging term for people from a certain Southeast Asian country we (the US) were at war with in the 1960s and 1970s…


    • DINK = Dual:Income:No:Kids

      My wife and I are dinks and LOVE Disney Cruise Line.

    • I obviously had no idea and apologize to anyone I may have offended. Let’s hope that the vast majority of readers also have no idea and take it in the spirit it was intended.


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