Disney Cruise Line Weekly Preview — Week of August 19

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Welcome aboard for this week’s Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of August 19th! I’m Brand Glover and I’ll be giving you everything you need to know before cruising with Disney Cruise Line this week. As always, let’s take a look at the weather and see who is going to need a parka this week.

Ports of Call (High/Low Temperature, Chance of Rain)

Disney Magic

  • 19 August – Barcelona (81/68, 0%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Naples (86/67, 0%)
  • 22 August -Civitavecchia (84/66, 0%)
  • 23 August – Livorno (83/65, 0%)
  • 24 August -Villefranche (80/70, 10%)
  • 25 August – Day at Sea

Disney Wonder

  • 19 August – Ketchikan (57/53, 90%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Vancouver (76/60, 0%)
  • 22 August – Day at Sea
  • 23 August – Tracy Arm Fjord (63/49, 30%)
  • 24 August – Skagway (63/52, 20%)
  • 25 August – Juneau (61/49, 60%)
Enchanted Garden, Disney Fantasy

Disney Dream

  • 19 August – Nassau (91/82, 90%)
  • 20 August – Castaway Cay (91/82, 20%)
  • 21 August – Port Canaveral (88/79, 30%)
  • 22 August – Nassau (90/80, 80%)
  • 23 August – Castaway Cay (90/81, 80%)
  • 24 August – Day at Sea
  • 25 August – Port Canaveral (90/77, 50%)

Disney Fantasy

  • 19 August – Port Canaveral (89/79, 20%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Cozumel (89/77, 40%)
  • 22 August – Grand Cayman (87/81, 20%)
  • 23 August – Falmouth (88/78, 80%)
  • 24 August – Day at Sea
  • 25 August – Castaway Cay (90/81, 80%)

Disney Cruise Line: In The News

Hurricane season is upon us, and according to the National Weather Service, this season’s forecast calls for an above average season activity-wise, producing stronger storms. For you, this may mean that your itinerary is slightly altered in the event that a destination incurs damage from or is in the path of a storm. Scott Sanders of the Disney Cruise Line Blog posted a story detailing one such instance. Over the last two weeks, the Disney Fantasy has had to twice divert from Tortola to St. Maarten while the island recovers from damaging rain produced by a tropical wave. According to British Virgin Isles Premier D. Orlando Smith, Tortola will be ready to welcome back the Disney Fantasy on August 30th, 2017 for its next scheduled stop. As with this circumstance, the Disney Cruise Line may have to alter your itinerary in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, so be mindful of that reality when sailing during this unpredictable season. With Tropical Storm Harvey making its way through the southern Caribbean and on towards Mexico, and two more tropical disturbances in the Atlantic, keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center’s web site as you prepare for upcoming voyages.

The Disney Cruise Line Terminal at Port Canaveral. Photo: Julia Mascardo

Peanut Butter Blondies. That just sounds like heaven. For the chefs who read this blog, we have another recipe from the Disney Fantasy’s Sweet On You via the Disney Parks Blog. If anyone has actually baked one of these items, let us know how they turned out in the comments. I’m fairly certain I’ll end up booking a cruise on the Disney Fantasy at some point just so I can taste test all of these items. Someone has to do it, right?

Atlantis on Nassau. (Photo by Julia Mascardo)

The DCL Blog shared an interesting post on Twitter pointing to an article on Tribune 242. The article describes the current situation facing The Bahamas, where port-based communities are losing out on potential earnings from cruise line passengers. Among the reasons are cruise lines selecting limited businesses to partner with for excursions, safety in certain regions, and the lack of available entertainment options for visitors to the ports. What is your opinion on this? Do you find yourself staying on the ship during port calls in The Bahamas? Is it one of the reasons listed, or do you just prefer staying on board the ship instead? As for myself, I have never stayed on a ship while in port. I’m an explorer by nature, so I have to go looking for photogenic subjects or old buildings that have historical significance. On my upcoming cruise, we will be enjoying a port adventure in Nassau booked through Disney, which will be a first for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what the port adventure entails, but I know that were we not doing this excursion, we would be traversing the city. In short, it has never occurred to me to spend the day on the ship instead of visiting a port destination. Maybe I’m in the minority? What do you think?

Upcoming Entertainment

The following films are being shown aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships this month:

  • Moana
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Born in China
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Cars 3
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

For future reference, films debut on the Disney Cruise Line the same day of their initial release in the United States. Show times are available in your Personal Navigator or the official Disney Cruise Line app.

As part of the Stars Set Sail series, Broadway star Kerry Butler will be performing in the Walt Disney Theatre on board the Disney Magic the next two weeks. Showtimes are available via the personal Navigator or official Disney Cruise Line app.

  • Kerry Butler on August 19th and 26th


Captain’s Log: Important Tips and Information

When it comes to purchases, we all love saving money, especially when it comes to travel. We at TouringPlans love to help you find ways to save money and maximize your vacation experience, so here are four ways you can save on booking your next cruise. Book early: the early bird gets the worm, as the old saying goes. And if you book up to a year in advance, you may be able to save 10-20% off of the normal rate as the price increases as the ship fills up. Booking late: by booking within the last couple weeks before a departure date, you may be able to save up to 25% on a normal cruise rate, due to ships looking to fill empty staterooms. Booking while onboard: if you choose to book your next trip while onboard a Disney Cruise Line ship, you will save 10% on your itinerary and may be eligible for special rewards such as onboard credit for your next vacation. If you place a $200 deposit on a future cruise, then you will still be eligible for the discount and special rewards upon booking the itinerary – you must sail within a 2-year window to keep the benefits. Lastly, you can save money by sailing from a less popular port of departure or non-peak time of year. Less popular ports can vary, but are ports that do not sell well initially and offer discounts up to the date of sailing. Discounted rates can be found by contacting your travel agent, as they will be able to determine which ports and times of year are having slower sales.

A Magical Porthole aboard the Disney Dream

We’ve mentioned the Halloween on the High Seas itinerary in our preview series and this week we have an update for adults looking to participate in the costume contest. There will be four categories in which contestants will judged upon: Most Disney, Best Group, Most Spooky, and Most Original. Do keep in mind the new changes concerning masks, but be creative and oh, good luck!

A chair fit for a King…or Derek Burgan.
Communication is important anywhere you travel, which is why Disney Cruise Line has two excellent options to keep you in touch with your loved ones while you all are on the ship. We’ve talked at length about the awesome capabilities of the official Disney Cruise Line app, but if you did not know, the app has a built-in chat function that works only on board the ship. The service is free and able to connect with other smartphones over the DCL-GUEST Wi-Fi network on board the ship. Your other option is the Wave Phone. With the Wave Phone, you can not only text, but call any phone on the ship including reservations, staterooms, and other Wave Phones.  It is worth noting that the Wave Phone works on Castaway Cay, whereas the app does not. With these options you wont have to worry about keeping up with the whole family, as you’ll be just a phone call or text away.
You can also send a variety of Disney emoji using the DCL app while on board ship.

Did you know there are ten categories of staterooms on the Disney Cruise ships? On the TouringPlans blog, Tammy Whiting recently covered the Best Staterooms in Each Category. This is a helpful resource so you can find the best room for your needs.

Are you deciding whether to book a Disney Cruise but are having a tough time deciding which ship fits all of your desires? Well, our own Laurel Stewart has put together a chart that makes it easy to compare all of the options in one place. Also available as a valuable planning and companion guide from authors Len Testa, Erin Foster, and Laurel Stewart is The Unofficial Guide to the Disney Cruise Line. The companion guide contains a complete overview of each Disney ship as well as Castaway Cay and includes valuable tips on how to save time and money during your cruise!

That concludes this week’s preview of the Disney Cruise Line. Join us next Friday as we take a look at what happens in the world of Disney Cruise Line over the next week. In the meantime, check out the latest edition of The Saturday Six from author, illustrator, and masked luchador Derek Burgan. Special thanks to Derek Burgan, my better half Adrian Rowda, Julia of Best Week Ever fame, Rikki Niblett, and Scott Sanders of the DCL Blog for their assistance on this article. You can follow Scott on Twitter @TheDCLBlog for daily updates on the cruise line. Tune in to the Be Our Guest WDW Podcast to hear Rikki discuss topics covering all things Walt Disney World.

Brandon Glover

Brandon is an adventure seeking photographer, known for his numerous collaborations with author Derek Burgan on the Saturday Six and other theme park related projects.

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  • August 18, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    Nice article Brandon! Which ship & what excursion are you doing? I’ve been to Nassau a bunch of times and I don’t see why people rag on it. It’s a pretty neat place to explore in my opinion. One time I was going to follow the Touring Plans walking tour of the city but when I tweeted Len, he said due to security concerns he did not recommend it at the time. Hopefully one day I can try out that Touring plan. Pro tip- if you have time, go see the Nassau Hard Rock. It has a really cool bar and is fun to have a drink. At least I thought so. Keep up the great work!


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