A Closer Look at the NEW Mickey Mouse Faces Backpack Wristlet by Loungefly

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A few weeks back we published about some new Wristlets by Loungefly. Turns out some of our readers wanted to know more about the Loungefly Wristlets. How big are they? Can they fit a phone?

At Magic Kingdom we spotted a new wristlet, the Mickey Mouse Faces Backpack Wristlet by Loungefly, which sells for $40.00 and is available at shopDisney online too. This wristlet features classic Mickey Mouse’s various facial expressions.

Loungefly Backpacks and Wristlets at Magic Kingdom
Loungefly Wristlets at Magic Kingdom

Wristlets are a good alternative for the mini backpacks by Loungefly, if you want a smaller price tag. Of course, that means a small storage space too. It can *barely* fit an average size phone, but the front mini pocket holds cash and credit cards easily. Convenient features like a belt loop so you can wear it on your hip, and a detachable wrist strap with clasp can make it easier to access your items rather than taking a mini backpack off your backpack.

Mickey Mouse Loungefly Wristlet at Magic Kingdom
Mickey Mouse Loungefly Wristlet at Magic Kingdom – Back

What do you think of the Loungefly wristlets? Do you have one?

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