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A Look at Raya Merchandise at Walt Disney World

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The new movie Raya and the Last Dragon has generated a lot of buzz and glowing reviews. As expected for any Disney animated feature, there’s been an abundance of merchandise at Walt Disney World for this movie. Here’s some of what we’ve spotted in the past week at stores all around property.

Sisu figure
Raya MagicBand
Raya and the Last Dragon figurine playlet
Funko POP figures
Sisu plush
Ongis t-shirt
Toy sword
Raya plush
Movie pin
Plush ongis

By far, my favorite item is what would typically be a frilly princess dress. For Raya and the Last Dragon, the heroine outfit is certainly different — and completely awesome, in my view.

This is certainly an outfit that a child-age me would have been begging my parents to get me, and even as an adult I’m wondering if I can squeeze into it. (Spoiler alert, not unless I roll back to age 19.) I can’t wait to see kids wearing these around the parks. (And as a parent, finally an outfit that I could see a child wearing all day without complaining about hot, itchy clothing!)

Compared with other Disney movies, it feels like the amount of items released for this one have been less than other movies over the years. We’ll keep our eyes open to see if more merchandise comes out in the future.

Have you seen Raya and the Last Dragon yet? (No spoilers, please!) Did you enjoy it?

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