Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure to Replace Kim Possible in Epcot

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Disney has formally announced that the characters from its hit show Phineas and Ferb will replace the Kim Possible gang in the World Showcase Adventure. The current interactive game has guests going around to World Showcase countries in Epcot using a “Kimmunicator” (newly themed name to be decided) while hunting for clues to save the world. Now the game will be Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure featuring everyone’s favorite pet platypus as he works to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

We’ll just point out that our own Len Testa likes to sometimes answer the phone, “Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

Disney said the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure will close this summer and that Agent P’s adventure will open in “summer,” as well. Beyond that vague time frame, the word on the street is that June is when the transition will occur. The new adventure seems to be reusing much of the old infrastructure established for Kim Possible, so expect to see the same countries and locations within the park utilized.

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R. A. Pedersen

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8 thoughts on “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure to Replace Kim Possible in Epcot

  • Great! Now all the Epcot CMs will be asking me, “Aren’t you a little old for Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure?” Yes, yes I am. 🙂 Can’t wait; my kids and I both love P&F. Wore matching Perry t shirts to our first P&F meet-and-greet last trip. Now if that rumor about AvatarLand being DOA (and replaced with LOR Land) would just come true…hmmm.

      • Lord of the Rings Land – wishful thinking.

  • DH and I are going down for Food and Wine this year without the kids……we had such a great time last year when we did KP that we may have to try this out without the kids!! Our whole family loves Agent P!

  • Awesome!! What fun it will be to get orders from Major Monogram and fight the Doof!! Better start planning now for 2013… lol

  • Great idea. Kim Possible is not as well-known anymore. But, Phineas and Ferb are a hit with everyone. We still haven’t done the adventure yet anyway, but, I’m sure we’ll have to the next time we’re there!

  • The kids are so excited that Perry is sending them on an adventure!!
    We love Phineas and Ferb!!


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