Storybook Circus Soft Opening Recap

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Yesterday morning, the first wave of the Fantasyland Expansion, Storybook Circus, soft opened at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. While parts of the Circus are still unfinished, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and The Barnstormer featuring Goofy as the Great Goofini, as well as the Fantasyland Train Station, were open.

Currently only one spinner of the new “dueling Dumbos” is completed. It is much more ornate than the old one and includes gorgeous pictures from the movie on the base and a fantastic water feature with color changing LED lights. The new queue inside the tent is not open yet, nor is the FASTPASS line, so there is only an exterior queue for now.

The details around Dumbo are amazing. If you look down at the pavement you will see animal tracks, including mommy and baby elephant tracks and peanut shells. Cast Members hand out Disney Flying Licences featuring Dumbo. There are ticket booths and posters…you really feel as if you are at the circus!

The new Barnstormer is equally well themed. It has the same track and ride vehicles as the former attraction, but it has been turned into a Daredevil Circus Act featuring the Great Goofini. The queue features unique details, including props from Goofy’s numerous circus stunts, posters, and even a nod to the old Toontown Fair. The attraction will have FASTPASS, although those are not being distributed just yet. We’re hearing that FASTPASS distribution machines will be shared with Winnie the Pooh near Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

Fantasyland Train Station
The reopened train station has been completely redone. It has become a Circus Train Depot featuring posters of circus acts. There are also gorgeous new bathrooms at the station.

Have you seen Storybook Circus? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to user Logan Davison for the pictures!

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7 thoughts on “Storybook Circus Soft Opening Recap

  • We were just at the new dumbo this past weekend, and with the 2 rides and fast pass it seems that the touring plans need to be adjusted as they are still calculating dumbo first when it had limited ride capacity and no fast pass. How long do you think it will take for the plans to be adjusted?

  • 12th March was my final day at WDW before heading back to England. I’d been mooching around the park, with no real plan for my last few hours, when I suddenly realised people were wandering down a different path! The queue for Dumbo was too long at that point (and it had actually come to a temporary halt anyway) but I did manage to get on the Barnstormer. Great way to end my trip with a sneak peek!

  • Looks great! When will the new restaurant in Fantasy Land be open? I am going in October and would love to try something new.

  • I remember when Indiana Jones first opened at Disneyland, CMs handed guests decoder cards which could be used to decipher the messages written on the walls in the elaborate queuing area of the temple in “ancient symbols”.
    I wonder if the Flying Licenses are special for the (re)opening of Dumbo or if they will be around for awhile.

  • Looks and sounds great so far. What is the estimated date for the entire Fantasyland expansion to open?

  • Did the Dumbo or sure plan this morning. Got to Dumbo first after opening but wasn’t fast enough to make the first2 flights, we were on the 3rd, about a 10 min wait. Barnstormer on the other hand was basically empty for the first 30 mind after opening we rode it twice with no wait after dumbo (our 2yr old loved it). Could have rode it a few more times we with no wait but decided to move on. Can try to post pictures later. Rides basically as described above.

    • The new Dumbo ride looks neat. We are going in August. Would all the three rides be on a regular schedule by then? Will you update your touring plans to include them? The other two rides look great too. My family can’t wait to go.


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