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An Epcot one-day touring plan with Frozen Ever After

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This plan assumes: A willingness to experience all major rides and shows; Soarin’, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After are in the same FastPass+ tier and you can choose only one in advance; Frozen Ever After opens at 11 a.m.

Touring Epcot requires a lot of walking regardless of whether you’re using a plan. This plan uses a small amount of backtracking in order to avoid long waits in line.

The opening of Frozen Ever After complicates touring Epcot for a couple of reasons. Because it’s in the same FastPass+ tier as Soarin’ and Test Track, you can only obtain one in advance. It’s also unlikely to have much day-of FastPass+ availability, because it’s based on a hit film and is one of the few things in Epcot specifically designed for children. And its location in World Showcase makes it impractical as a detour while you’re in Future World.

For those reasons, we think you’ll save more time by choosing Frozen as an advance FastPass reservation than Soarin’ or Test Track. As in years past, we suggest visiting Soarin’ as soon as the park opens, and without FastPass+. Your next visit should be to Test Track, making use of the single-rider line there if possible. Your total wait in line for both attractions should be 40 minutes or fewer. For comparison, we estimate the wait at Frozen to be at least 40 to 60 minutes most of the day. When you factor in the backtracking involved in the alternatives, FastPass+ at Frozen seems to make the most sense.

We’re recommending an evening FastPass+ reservation time for Frozen Ever After. If only early afternoon times are available, take one and simply convert the counter-clockwise tour of World Showcase to a clockwise tour.

If you get a FastPass+ for Frozen Ever After between 2-4 pm, do a clockwise tour of World Showcase. We don’t suggest FPs earlier than this because it’ll involve backtracking to Future World from World Showcase. And if no Frozen Fastpasses are available, grab one for Test Track around 9:15 a.m.

Regardless of the time at which you obtain your Frozen FastPass, we think it’s unlikely that any day-of Fastpasses would be of much use, because of the backtracking from World Showcase you’d have to do to use them.

Want to customize this plan? Use our free touring plan software.

Epcot One-Day Touring Plan (link)

Obtain FastPass+ reservations:

– Mission: Space (Orange) at 10:15 a.m.
– Spaceship Earth at 12:45 p.m.
– Frozen Ever After at 7:30 p.m.

  1. Arrive 40 minutes before opening. Get guide maps and the Times Guide.
  2. As soon as the park opens, ride Soarin’ in The Land.
  3. Ride Test Track in Future World East. Take advantage of the single-rider line if you can.
  4. Experience Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions East. (Note: Might close at the end of May 2016)
  5. Ride Mission: Space (Orange) using FastPass+.
  6. Take the Living with the Land boat ride at The Land.
  7. Eat lunch. Sunshine Seasons at The Land is a good choice.
  8. See The Seas with Nemo & Friends at The Seas in Future World West.
  9. Ride Spaceship Earth using FastPass+.
  10. Experience Journey Into Imagination with Figment.
  11. Begin a counter-clockwise tour of World Showcase with the Canada pavilion and O Canada! film.
  12. Tour the United Kingdom pavilion.
  13. Play a game of Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Sign up between the U.K. and France pavilions.
  14. Visit France and see Impressions de France.
  15. Tour Morocco.
  16. Explore Japan.
  17. See The American Adventure.
  18. Visit Italy.
  19. Tour Germany.
  20. Eat dinner.
  21. Explore China and see Reflections of China.
  22. Tour the Norway pavilion and take the Frozen Ever After boat ride. Stop in at the stave church on the way out of Norway.
  23. Tour Mexico and ride the Gran Fiesta Tour.
  24. See IllumiNations. Prime viewing spots are along the lagoon between Canada and France. You could also try for a late dinner, lagoon-side table at La Cantina or La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico (Advance Reservations needed at the latter), or Spice Road Table at Morocco.




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17 thoughts on “An Epcot one-day touring plan with Frozen Ever After

  • Can you update this for 2019? Thanks!

  • What would be the best time to try to visit with Anna and Elsa? I am traveling with two teenage girls who want to do the meet at the end of July.

  • I don’t see an option for Joy and Sadness when I click on add an attraction. Is it listed as something else?

  • I also noticed the Fast Pass + avail for Frozen Ever After seems to start at 9:10 AM for the June dates. How accurate is the FP+ availability in the Lines app? For some reason on 6/25 it is showing no FP+ availability for F.E.A. Even on the day it opens there are afternoon FP+ slots available. We were planning on visiting Epcot on 6/25. Could this be a glitch?

  • You just snuck in that little gem about SoaT possibly closing at the end of this month??!! Details, please!

    • OK, a bit of research and poking around confirms that with Raytheon’s sponsorship ending, SoaT is at the end of the line. However, there are still internal discussions that Disney may self-sponsor the attraction through the end of the summer. That decision has not yet been made.

  • What’s your guess on how this and Soarin opening will affect overall wait times?

  • Did Mission:Space come out of tier 2 then? Thanks!

    • Yes. It looks like when Soarin’ comes back on-line, Mission Space goes back to Tier 2. I have not read anything about the change, but when I went to make FastPass+ selection for June 20, Mission Space was tier 2.

  • I think what’s throwing me off is that the Anna and Elsa meet and greet at the Norway Pavilion will be stand-by only (from what I’m reading). That’s just madness! The lines are going to be absolutely insane. They’re already crazy at Magic Kingdom and there they do offer FastPasses. What are they thinking? That was the only meet and greet that I was hoping to do with my toddler at Disney World. Such a bummer.

    • Without FastPass+ the line will move faster, and there will like be more than room doing meet and greets.

  • Thanks for this- super helpful and I’m thinking if I cut a few future world items (to revisit later) in order to start world showcase/lunch in that area it should still work well, yes?

  • I believe Frozen Ever After will open at park open (9am) before the World Showcase at 11am. Hoping something hasn’t changed since this morning.

    • But thanks, Len, for updating the touring plans so quickly to reflect all the changes!! 🙂

  • I think the Norway pavilion and Frozen is going to open at 9:00AM.

    • It will in June, then it looks like it goes back to 11 a.m. for July (unless I’m reading the schedule wrong). Either way, we think the walking and waits will be prohibitive in the morning.

      • Is there a possibility maybe they haven’t updated their schedule yet for July and beyond. I am hoping that it stays at 9 since I scored ADR for Akerhaus in November. Thanks for such a great touring plan!!!!

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