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Antipasto Salad at PizzeRizzo

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It is a foregone conclusion that most pizza at Disney will not win any culinary award. So if your Muppet-obsessed family wants to take you to PizzeRizzo in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you want to skip the pizza, how is the salad option?

On the menu is an Antipasto Salad, which Disney describes as:

Tossed-to-order with Ham, Pepperoni, Kalamata Olives, Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Pepperoncini Peppers. Red Onion, Chopped Romaine, and House Vinaigrette

(Fun fact, the online menu from Disney also lists salami in the salad, but it isn’t listed in the print menu. The salad does have salami, however.)

Sounds like a great option? Well, if you like all of the ingredients in there, the good news is that this is a hearty salad with a great blend of flavors and tons of meat. The bad news? To me, “tossed to order” means that you can pick out the ingredients you want — or don’t want — in the salad and have it customized. Not a fan of onions? No worries, just ask for them to leave it out.

Unfortunately, this is not the case — the “filling” was already pre-mixed and the salad couldn’t be customized. If there was something you wanted to pick out, you practically had to have tweezers to go through and dissect the salad.

I realize that this reduces prep time for the salad to have everything already mixed and then tossed with the romaine and dressing to order, but as a person with a “selective eater”, this would have been a disaster in the making. If you like everything in this salad, it’s a good option. If you don’t, you’re better off sticking with the pizza.

Photos: Christina Harrison


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One thought on “Antipasto Salad at PizzeRizzo

  • Thanks for this write up my husband is a huge Anti-Pasto fan 😀
    I think “Tossed to Order” means they mix the salad when you order it instead of letting it soak all day in Italian dressing so by the time you get it is a wilted mess. I never heard of a Anti-Pasto with choose your own ingredients. BTW my kids are masters of picking out anything out of anything they don’t like. Pizza, Marinara, salads…so it is doable if you really want to.

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