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Asian Street Eats — Better Know a Restaurant

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For this installment of our “Better Know a…” series, we’re checking out Asian Street Eats, a counter service restaurant in the Downtown Disney District.

Asian Street Eats — ©Disney

What is Asian Street Eats?

Asian Street Eats is a walk-up counter service restaurant serving casual Asian-inspired fare from Chef Hung Huynh, winner of Season 3 of Bravo’s Top Chef.

Where is Asian Street Eats?

Asian Street Eats is located on the far western side of Downtown Disney, past the Monorail Station and just before you would get to the Disneyland Hotel.  Walking from the esplanade, it will be on your right-hand side.


What You Need to Know About the Menu at Asian Street Eats

Don’t let the “quick service” label dissuade you — Asian Street Eats is one of the better options for food at Downtown Disney, especially with many of the table service restaurants remaining closed for the time being.  The menu is fairly limited — primarily bowls and scallion pancake wraps with your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu, but the food at Asian Street Eats is excellent, especially for the price.

What the Dining Experience Is Like at Asian Street Eats

Asian Street Eats essentially presents a grab-and-go sort of concept. It’s intended to be quick food that you can eat more or less on the go.

What are Some Items to Target at Asian Street Eats?

Chef Hung’s food is very good, and you’re really not going to go wrong with any of the options; it’s just a matter of personal preference as to which protein you prefer.

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What You Need to Know About Accessibility for Asian Street Eats

Asian Street Eats is fully accessible and should not present any unique challenges for visitors in wheelchairs or ECVs. There is no need for a guest to get out of a mobility device.

Does Weather Affect Asian Street Eats?

In a word, yes. The entire operation is outdoors, both the ordering area and the surrounding area where you might eat. If it’s raining, you’re going to get wet.

What is a Good Time to Visit Asian Street Eats?

Asian Street Eats is not large, but a simple menu means they are generally able to turn around food fairly quickly, making it a good option for quick, quality food pretty much any time. With that said, waits will be longest at the apex of lunch and dinner times.

Are you a fan of Asian Street Eats? What’s your favorite dish? Let us know in the comments!

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