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Ask It: Have You Ever Done a runDisney Race?

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A new Wednesday means a new Ask It question. This week, we’re dusting off our running shoes to run this question by you all:


Have you ever done a runDisney race?

  • No, never gonna happen (35%, 207 Votes)
  • Yes (34%, 201 Votes)
  • No, but maybe someday (31%, 184 Votes)

Total Voters: 592

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Voting is open here and on Twitter, and we’ll have your results next week. In the meantime, feel free to comment–if you have done a runDisney event, are you a runner or just love the Disney kind of event? Had a favorite runDisney event? What is the longest distance you’ve ever done? What’s the best course you’ve experienced?

And if you haven’t, what’s your primary reason for not doing runDisney? Cost? Not a fan of running? Something else? We’ll have your results here next week!

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16 thoughts on “Ask It: Have You Ever Done a runDisney Race?

  • I did mt first half in WDW in 2006 for a charity. I went on to do two more halves, the full, and the one and only year of the relay plus the DL half. I haven’t trained in five years now, but if I ever get back into it, it will likely be for a Disney race. They are expensive but fantastic.

  • My first will be a full marathon in January. Can’t wait!

  • My first run disney will be the princess 5k this coming February. I cannot wait until the race. As of today my pb is 37min I am hoping to be at 30 minutes by then.

  • My first 10K was the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, My first Half was at 2016 Disney World Marathon Weekend, did the Dumbo Double Dare last year and the Dopey Challenge this year. I will be running the Two Course Challenge in November and then take a break from the Disney races for a while (too expensive to constantly do). Disney races have been basically all my vacations for the last 2 years (I need a vacation from my vacations).

  • My kids ran the 2012 Food and Wine run Disney kid race and had a blast. I would have run the food and wine 5k or half but was much too pregnant.

  • Yes! I ran my first half-marathon when I ran the 2017 Disney Princess Half. I am hooked and definitely running again in the 2019 Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge. The new friends I have met through the RunDisney community are phenomenal!

  • We did the Castaway Cay 5K, because it was free. Good lord, it was hot when we were there in September.

  • I am NOT a runner, but I signed up to do the inaugural StarWars race in DL with my son, who is a huge Star Wars fan. Then my sister convinced me to do Princess at WDW a month later. So I earned my Coast to Coast medal! It was difficult training, but immensely satisfying to know I did it! I encourage anyone who loves Disney and is looking for a challenge to try it! There is so much encouragement, you CAN do it! Many, many people walk, so just keep going, and you’ll make it!

  • Yes, the Tinkerbell 1/2 at DL last year. It was a fun experience and got me into shape but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. 🙂 The few minutes at the beginning running through the parks weren’t worth the extra money imo.

  • I did the Princess 1/2, Tower of Terror 10 miler, and Avengers 1/2. The Tower of Terror 10 miler was our favorite, but they no longer do that one. I also wanted to try the now extinct AK obstacle 5K. We’ve enjoyed them- but they are so pricey.

  • The cancelled WDW2017 Half would have been my 19th runDisney Half, 37th medal including 10Ks and challenges. Will make that up at Disneyland next month!
    DL Paris was nice through the country, but I wish they’d book one for Tokyo, and run it along the seawall as well as the two parks there.

  • I ran my first RunDisney race in 2008, it was the Halloween 5K. Since then, I’ve run a Princess 10K, the Wine&Dine Half that was shortened due to weather (aka Wine&Dine Quarter) and the inaugural Star War Darkside Half. Due to changes in the races, rules and increases in prices, I’ll probably not run another one. I can run a local half marathon and get a t-shirt for a fraction of the cost.

  • My friend and I tried to do our first runDisney race last January! We traveled to Orlando to run the half marathon, but the night before the race, it was cancelled due to rain and lightning. We were so disappointed! We definitely want to try again in the near future – we’re thinking the Wine and Dine race in November sounds fun, but will have to wait until next year. Although we didn’t get to run, we still had a good time on our trip – rode lots of rides and drank lots of margaritas!

    • I’m not sure if this makes a difference to your situation or not, but runDisney just recently reopened registration for all of the races except for the 5k for Wine & Dine this year. I’m not sure how long this additional registration period will be open, though, so if you want to take advantage of it, you should do so quickly!

      • Oh man! I’m not sure if I can swing 2 trips to Disney in the same calendar year, but I’d sure love to! As others in this thread have commented, the runDisney events are pretty expensive. And even though Disney refunded our registration fee last January, we couldn’t get back what we spent on airfare, hotel, or park tickets. (Or margaritas!)

    • The Wine & Dine USED to be a blast. It was a really unique opportunity to party and eat in EPCOT till the morning hours…and then they moved it to a morning race, and it’s just not much fun now. It’s definitely not unique any longer.

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