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Ask It Results: Ever Received an Elusive PIN Code?

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Having run the Ask It polls for a while now, whenever I ask a question, I’m usually pretty sure what the answer will be. There are times when my personal bias blocks my prognostication, however. This week, the results were much closer than I had predicted to the question:

Have you ever received a PIN code for a discount/special offer on a Disney vacation?

Even more interesting than how the voting went were readers sharing some of the deals they’ve been offered. Feel free to take me with you at any time!!

Here’s your results for this week’s Ask It.

No (1,085 votes, 57%)


Ah, welcome to the club. You go to Disney but then they never call, write, or give you awesome discounts. Believe me, I get that. (It’s the PIN codes that I don’t get!) Even more frustrating is when a spouse, friend, or other friend or family member gets a PIN code but you don’t. One Twitter user mentioned that their deceased grandmother (who hadn’t visited Walt Disney World in more than a decade) has received multiple PIN codes recently. But take heart. Even among those who have received PIN codes, many people mentioned that their PIN Codes either didn’t work, weren’t for times they could use, or were exactly the same as the offers available to the general public.


Yes (829 votes, 43%)

A Disney PIN Code is akin to winning the lottery. Enough people win to keep up the hopes of everyone else that their lucky day is right around the corner, but sometimes what they win isn’t that big of a deal. Here’s some of the deals that people have been offered:

Kid’s Stay and Play Free

Free Park Hopper with Stay

Free Dining

Room Discount of 20-40% off

A “PIN Code” that just offers current public special offers

Special Room Rate

And, I have to give a shout-out to Dan from the comments last week with the ultimate PIN Code deal — Five free nights at the Grand Floridian. If you’re a gambler, I’d suggest buying a lottery ticket after getting something like that!

And that’s this week’s results for Ask It. Our next question is live on Twitter and on the blog here. Until next week, thanks for stopping by!


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Julia Mascardo

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2 thoughts on “Ask It Results: Ever Received an Elusive PIN Code?

  • For those of you who have never received a PIN offer – when you signed up for the free Disney planning DVD or set up your MyDisneyExperience.com account, did you uncheck the box that granted permission for Disney to send offers? I think that may be a factor. I suspect (but don’t know) that Disney now has the system sophistication to exclude people from offers when they already have a trip linked to their MDE accounts. This is just anecdotal but, as a TA, I feel like I’m having fewer clients call and say, “Just got a PIN, can you see if it can be applied to my trip?”

    • I booked a trip in March for January 2018 (direct). I’ve received 4 PIN codes since. I used one to book for this August and two more followed after that booking (included in the four total). This is the first year I recall receiving PIN codes but that doesn’t mean I have before and just tossed them bc I wasn’t planning to visit at the time. I haven’t used the rest because I only wish I could visit WDW that much!!

      For my August trip, my PIN code discount was greater than the current enchanted summer discount and what a cast memeber was trying to book for me at POFQ. I think the PIN codes are random and who knows what it will discount (from everything I’ve read).

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