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Ask It: How Much Does Your Upcoming Disney Cruise Cost?

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You know that scene in Toy Story 2 where Al is doing a commercial for Al’s Toy Barn where Al is sobbing hysterically because he lost the money he would have made selling Woody and friends to a foreign investor? I think he’s my alter ego at the moment after looking at the prices for 2019 cruises. I’m a big fan of cruising. Last year, because I worked three jobs, and my husband has an awesome-paying job, we took five cruises (three 3-nighters, a 5-nighter, and an 11-nighter). This year, we’ve only got one cruise planned, and looking at 2019, we may hold out for the hopes of a Florida resident rate. And yet, no matter how high the prices go, you’ll always find people (like myself) who are able to scrape together the nickels and dimes and eat instant ramen for months to make it happen. How much do those upcoming cruises cost? Prices certainly vary by itinerary, date, number of people, and stateroom category. If you’ve got a cruise booked (or are in the process of booking one for those summer 2019 dates), we’re curious how much sticker shock you were able to handle to book that cruise. This week, we’re asking:

If you have a Disney cruise booked or are planning to book one this year, how much have you spent/will you spend for that Disney cruise?

  • $3,001-$6,500 (44%, 156 Votes)
  • $6,501-$9,999 (25%, 87 Votes)
  • $3,000 or less (17%, 61 Votes)
  • $10,000 or more (14%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 355

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The poll is open here and on Twitter. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what that next cruise is that you’ve got booked. Or, if you don’t have a cruise booked, what cruise would you love to take? For me, my wish list would include a Panama Canal crossing…how about you?

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Julia Mascardo

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8 thoughts on “Ask It: How Much Does Your Upcoming Disney Cruise Cost?

  • Michelle P

    I hate to admit it, but DCL has priced me out. I’ve found good alternatives in Princess and Royal Caribbean, where I can consistently get longer cruises with better stateroom categories for less than similar DCL cruises.

    I do miss the shows, but have found the service and dining experiences are comparable on the other lines.

    • Similar here. At a comparable price per day (or even total price for longer DCL trips), I’d rather sail with Crystal or Viking, actual luxury lines with better service & dining. For a similar & cheaper, albeit Disney free, experience, Princess or Royal Caribbean are fine.

      Maybe I’m not as die hard Disney as others (or simply snobbish), but as Disney closes the gap between its premium offerings and luxury alternatives, if I’m dropping the money, I’m choosing luxury 4 out of 5 times.

    • This. My brother and his family are taking a 4 day Disney cruise this summer and we really considered going with them. But we just can’t justify the price point when compared to other boats. For the 2 of us that 4 day cruise would have been just under $3000 for an inside room. That is excluding all the extras we’d need to buy (airfare, hotel before, transportation, onboard and in port expenses, service charges/ tips). It’s 2-3x the cost of other brands and almost as pricey as the true luxury brands.

  • After taking a 4 night cruise in 2015 and 7 night cruise in 2017 with our 3 kids, my wife and I will take a cruise in Feb 2019 with just the two of us. An inside stateroom for two was a fraction of the price compared to what we spent for the 5 of us to be in a room together. I am hoping that once the three new Disney ships start sailing in a few years, Disney cruise supply will better meet demand and prices will drop to levels that are more comparable to their direct competitors.


    Sadly we’ve been priced out. We loved our Disney cruises and hopefully we will sail with them at least once more but thinking it will take us 5+ years to save for a dcl Cruise for the 2 of us. 🙁

  • Our family of 6 is cruising the Norwegian Fjords cruise this August. Because of the price we had to move to two inside cabins to keep the price within our budget. Just looked at the same cruise next year (but earlier in the summer) and the price for the same number of people and class of stateroom is 57% higher. Glad we booked the cruise for this year, because if we ever want to go back it will have to be without the kids.

  • I have two currently booked with Disney. One is the San Juan to Miami on the Magic. I was thinking about cancelling, but I booked this on opening day and after looking at the rates I paid, it is such a steal: $975pp in a 7A / cabin total $2300. We’ve cancelled so many San Juan departures that I am determined to keep this one!

    Booked the 11n Southern Caribbean this week for $3700pp, cabin total of over $11,000 in a triple w/ gratuities and insurance.

    I can’t even imagine what the new ship will price at for 2020

  • I just booked the Disney Magic September 2019 BritishIsles, around $4200 with taxes for 2 adults, ocean view room. Yes, I may have found a less expensive cruise on another line, but my husband is a “reluctant” traveler and after our first Disney Cruise to the Med, its the only way he’ll go to Europe. So, to me, its worth it. Next Im thinking of Alaska, but would try to convince him to try another Cruise Line for this.

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