Ask It Results: Land and Sea or Sea and Land

There’s the old saying about a vacation that sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. When you do a Walt Disney World vacation in conjunction with a Disney Cruise Line cruise, you truly do get that vacation to recover from your vacation. But what’s the best order to do them in? Last week we asked you:

When doing a Disney Cruise/Walt Disney World combination vacation, do you prefer to do Land then Sea or Sea then Land?

The results are in, and there was a very clear favorite.


No Preference

Let’s face it–you’re having a Disney Cruise and you’re visiting Walt Disney World. Is there any way that you could really go wrong? Being flexible about what comes first and what comes last means you can shop around for better rates for hotels and airfare, along with looking at the Crowd Calendar for the best days and parks to visit.

Sea then Land

There are some benefits for a Sea-first vacation. If you’re coming from a different time zone, taking a cruise first means that you can adjust to the time change on the ship, where you don’t have the need to rope drop anything. Depending on your accommodations when you come back, for instance if you’re staying in a DVC unit or vacation home, you can do laundry when you arrive on shore much easier than doing it when you arrive on ship. You don’t have to be concerned about rushing to make a flight, or having nothing to do while waiting at the airport for a late-day flight on your debarkation day. Even better, when everyone is wiping away tears at the See Ya Real Soon breakfast on the ship, you can cheer yourself up because you know you’re on the way to Walt Disney World!

Cinderella Castle in the Spring
Photo courtesy of Disney

Land then Sea

The overwhelming favorite is to do a trip to Walt Disney World first and then set sail on a cruise. For many people, a trip to Walt Disney World, while fun, is action-packed and non-stop motion. Having this first and then taking time to exhale on a Disney Cruise means ending the vacation experience on a relaxing note. For others, travel to the Orlando area is a top concern. If your flight is delayed or cancelled before your Walt Disney World trip, disappointing as it may be, you’re just missing some park time. Arrive too late for your Disney Cruise and the ship will set sail without you. And although the attention of Cast Members at Walt Disney World is wonderful, many people state that the level of personal attention on a Disney Cruise far exceeds that at Walt Disney World, and so it feels almost like an upgrade to go from land to sea.

That’s it for this week’s Ask It. Do you agree with the results? Have a different view? Really just wish you were either on your way to a cruise or a Walt Disney World vacation? (Me too!) Let us know in the comments.

This week’s question is available on Twitter and on the blog. We’ll be back next week with another Ask It!

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