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#Ask It: Visiting Disney Springs

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How times have changed. Back when the area now known as Disney Springs was the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, it wasn’t a blip on most people’s radar, and certainly (as the name suggested) was a place for shopping only. When the site was home to Downtown Disney, shopping was still there, but certainly entertainment and drinking were popular options thanks to Pleasure Island. With its expansion, Disney Springs now seeks to provide a bit of everything–shopping, dining, drinking, and entertainment. But what is the main draw? This week, we’re asking you.

If you could only pick one reason to visit Disney Springs, what would it be?

  • Dining (55%, 309 Votes)
  • Shopping (36%, 206 Votes)
  • Entertainment (5%, 27 Votes)
  • Drinking (4%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 566

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Voting is live here and on Twitter. What’s your favorite go-to spot for each of those categories? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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10 thoughts on “#Ask It: Visiting Disney Springs

  • I’ve visited all the incarnations of this district over the years and find myself less and less interested as time goes by. I agree that’s it’s one big shopping mall, with restaurants I can match at home in NYC. Maybe I’ve just never gotten over the closure of the Adventurer’s Club…

  • The. Dress. Shop.

  • The only fresh kosher opition is Erin Mckenna’s, and my kids don’t do well with the gluten-free goods. So, aside from the Coke bar and Jock Lindsay’s, it’s shopping!

  • Despite the risk of sacrificing plausible deniability of alcoholism…

    … vote submitted.

  • Reasons to go to Disney Springs, ranked:

    1. Entertainment – Cirque du Soleil is (or was, and shall be again) THE attraction. Also, the step dancing at Raglan Road! And I’m curious about the Star Wars Void thing too.
    2. Dining – Pub food at Raglan Road!
    3. Drinking – Beers at Raglan Road!
    4. Activating an Annual Pass on arrival night at their extended-hours Guest Services, so you don’t have to do it the following morning at one of the parks
    5. Walking around with your eyes squinted, pretending it’s still Pleasure Island
    6. Getting lost on the way to Typhoon Lagoon
    7. Misunderstanding the “Springs” name and thinking it’s a trampoline park
    8. Looking at construction on the NBA Experience and wondering why Disney thinks that’s a good idea
    9. Shopping (a VERY distant 9th)

  • I do think Disney Springs is just one giant outdoor mall. On the other hand it has the best selection of restaurants on Disney property- especially as many of the Epcot restaurants have beed “dumbed down” over the years. I think it is great to take the boat over and hit up dinner a few nights during the trip for some downtime from the parks.

  • Me and my teenage daughter love a days shopping and a movie mid trip to change down the pace. We throw in a nice meal and I enjoy a cocktail. We would love more big shows like Cirque du Soliel too. My daughter can do a couple of hours just in the fancy make-up shop!!!!

  • My vote is “no reason”.
    For us, it’s just a mall with overpriced Disney merchandise. We’ve been many times and it just doesn’t excite us. We can walk around a shopping center at home. For us, the boat rides between Disney Springs and the resorts are more exciting than Disney Springs!

  • We skipped it for the first time ever on our last visit as there is just not enough there to entice us to go anymore. Maybe if we didn’t have a toddler in tow it would be different, not sure. I would probably only go down if I wanted to visit a restaurant (which is what I voted for) – most likely Raglan Road or T-Rex for my kid. If Pleasure Island was still there, I would get a sitter or drop my son off at the kids club and go at least one night per trip.

  • We like to walk around and see what’s there. But we really like to try and go to Splitsville and bowl while we eat for some family fun and a change of pace.

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