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Ask It: How Many People Really Fit in a Value Room?

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Last week, we showed you what the newly refurbished rooms look like at Pop Century. With their small room size and either double beds, or the Murphy bed/table combination in rooms with queen-size beds, any way you slice it, you have to be pretty good friends or family that likes each other to put the maximum number of people in a room at a value hotel. Are the occupancy limits for a Value room accurate to how many people will fit in there comfortably, or is it like serving sizes on a bag of chips, where the numbers don’t work for most people’s reality. So this week we’re asking you:

Value resorts theoretically sleep 4 (+1 infant in a pack ‘n’ play), but how many people do you comfortably sleep in a Value room?

  • 4 (40%, 181 Votes)
  • 2 (34%, 155 Votes)
  • 3 (24%, 111 Votes)
  • 1 (2%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 454

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Voting is open here and on Twitter.

Do you have any tips to maximize the comfort for everyone staying in a room or the use of the limited space? Got any horror stories or success stories about your Value resort stays? Let us know in the comments. We’ll have your results next week!


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Julia Mascardo

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9 thoughts on “Ask It: How Many People Really Fit in a Value Room?

  • When my sister and I were teenagers we stayed in hotel rooms with our parents all the time. Two double beds, and a bathroom worked for us as we are out and about the entire day anyway. I do have to say we are a close family and we come from the Netherlands where having 1 bathroom is normal and 2 a luxury 😉 Now I live with my own family of 4 in an apartment of less than 500 square feet. I think the answer largely depends on what you are used to and who is staying in the room.

  • There are 7 in my family. When we stay at the PopC we get 2 adjoining rooms. 4 kids in one room. Parents plus kid in other room. It’s tight. (Having 2 bathrooms is a huge help though.) One problem is luggage–not enough room for luggage for 7 but hopefully with the elevated beds this will not be so much of an issue.

  • Are we talking two parents and children or unrelated adults? I think you could fit a couple and either a friend or two children (of the same gender) under the age of 9 (assuming didn’t need the pack ‘n play). If they were just friends I wouldn’t put more than 2 unless everyone was super close (bachelorette party or something). Basically it’s 3 but with some caveats.

  • We are going with 4 adults and an almost 3 y/o who sleeps in a real bed new. Those beds in the value resorts are kind of small. I’m actually kind of dreading the sleeping arrangements. It could possibly ruin our vacation. I’m praying they give us adjoining rooms but not banking on our at all. Last time we went with 3 adults and two children they did give us adjoining rooms and it was a lifesaver.

  • We usually travel in a group of 6-8, or more! We have done 4 in a value room many times. But . . we are on the go from the time we get up till we go to bed. We are only in the room at night to sleep, so even though it’s cramped for 4 adults, it’s really not an issue for just a couple of hours a day. We get adjoining rooms so it helps some having 2 bathrooms available.

  • I put 2. If we stay in a regular value room again, I would only be comfortable if it was my husband and I. When my 2 kids were little we were able to squeeze into a value room easily.
    But now that one is 21 and the other 17, we need more space and usually do a Suite in a value so they can have their own space.

  • I put 2 because I can only really think of staying in a value with just my husband. When the kids were little we needed space outside the room when they were sleeping and now that they are older we all need more space! But if you are an on the go kind of family who only uses the room to sleep I can see 4 staying in a value room. We’re just not that kind of family – we like our resort breaks!

  • I put four people, but that is assuming two are kids of 12 years or less. We’ve done it multiple times and been fine, but we haven’t tried it since the kids became teenagers. We haven’t stayed in a value resort for years for this reason (and because our family finds the loud themes to be too much after a day or two in the parks).

  • I put 3 because that’s the most we’ve ever put in a value room, but I think two adults and two kids is doable. We’re the type of family that is out of the room all day so the only challenge would be the bathroom area.

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