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Ask It: Do You Order New MagicBands for Each Trip?

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When my husband went to Shanghai for a month before the park opening, our daughter and I strung a chain of MagicBands across the baker’s rack in our kitchen to use as a countdown calendar. Each day, we’d remove one MagicBand until it was time for my husband to come home. Almost every one of those MagicBands were used once and only once. At one time, it was a challenge to get Disney not to send MagicBands for an upcoming vacation, and so people often ended up with huge collections of bands in every color offered. Now with “designer” MagicBands sporting characters, attraction art, and more, and the option not to have MagicBands sent to you, it is easier to reuse old MagicBands from trip to trip. Yet, there is still a thrill of getting a new box of MagicBands in the mail that builds trip anticipation.

This week, we’re asking you

Do you order new MagicBands for each trip?

  • Yes (84%, 743 Votes)
  • No (16%, 144 Votes)

Total Voters: 887

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The poll is live here and on Twitter. We’ll have your results next week. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you do with your collection of MagicBands.

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12 thoughts on “Ask It: Do You Order New MagicBands for Each Trip?

  • We always get new ones each trip because we don’t want to miss out on ride photos from a dead battery.

  • I always do because I know they only last about 2 years and I never know when my next visit will be – we don’t usually stay on site for all our holiday – usually at the end – so we don’t get free ones for the beginning of our holiday.

    • For use at the touchpoints, the bands basically last forever. The battery is only used for on-ride photos and other “at a distance” purposes. So if you only use your band at the touchpoints, and don’t care about on-ride photos or Disney tracking you in the parks, there is no need to ever get another one from a technical point of view.

  • I’ve been twice and both times I went with completely different people and they had the new ones this last time so yes I received a new band. Also I don’t remember being given a choice in the matter.

  • I got one in every color then stopped. I get too many of the LE ones and I don’t want my place to be overrun with them. I guess when they update to another version, I’ll request for more.

  • We only order new bands if it has been more than a year since our last trip or if the bands keep coming apart while wearing them.

  • So I said yes, because every trip I have gotten new MB and on my upcoming trip I ordered both sets (split stay). Our previous WDW trip, there wasn’t an option not to get them, and they have since switched MB types so I wanted to make sure I had the latest version if it was important for some reason.

    Now that I have two sets in my favorite colors, I don’t see myself ordering more. But who knows- maybe the urge to get Disney mail will overwhelm the practical side of me.

  • We get new magic bands every time and theme them with custom names. Our last trip we did Aladdin. Previous trip (Halloween) we were the hitchhiking ghosts and Leota.

  • We asked about this last time at WDW.
    Were told you can always return old/used/unwanted Magic Bands and apparently Disney will re-use/recycle them.
    Not sure though if chips from Mk I are those used in Mk II Bands, so don’t know all the details of the process involved.

  • I put the old Magic Bands on plush figures like Mickey and Oswald. I think they appreciate them.

  • We don’t order new ones. We all have our favorite color so don’t want a color we don’t prefer. There is so much packaging when they get sent, that while it is of great quality and exciting to receive, seems wasteful. And I’m not a collector, so don’t know what I’d do with a drawer full of them. I was very happy to see the option was finally available to not receive them. I can already see I’m part of a very small minority on this topic.

  • This is our third trip since the start of magic bands and we ordered new ones – in fact, we have a split stay so we ordered two each. I’d like to have multiple colors to switch out because why not? When I have all the colors I might not continue to get new ones. Also my toddler likes to play with them and I’m not 100% sure where my one from last year is.

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