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10 Tips for the Perfect Solo Disney Trip

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Have you ever dreamed of planning a solo trip to Walt Disney World? Just you, exploring the House of the Mouse on your own terms. Or maybe the thought hasn’t even occurred to you until now? (You’re welcome!)

One of my absolute favorite ways to experience Walt Disney World is solo! Every decision is based on doing exactly what I feel like doing, and better yet, I can change my plans at the drop of a Dapper Dan’s hat. And there are SO many touring options for solo travelers.

Your perfect solo trip to Walt Disney World might be an ultimate tour of attractions from rope drop to fireworks, with your perfect dining reservation and bit of entertainment squeezed in. Or maybe it’s exploring experiences, snacks, or little corners of the park you’ve never seen before. It could even be splurging on a tour or party that might not be budget-friendly for a larger travel party. Whatever your plan, it’s being able to do what you want–without worrying whether your kids are approaching meltdown, your friends’ feet aren’t Disney-ready, or your partner’s about to tap out for the day–that makes a solo Walt Disney World trip so memorable.

Here are 10 tips for curating your own perfect solo trip to Walt Disney World:

  1. Get it on your calendar. When selecting your trip dates, give yourself plenty of time to make work or childcare arrangements. Equally important, note the dates when you can make advanced dining reservations so you reserve them ASAP. You may want to set calendar reminders or even alarms (so many alarms!) as the dates approach.

  1. Make a Touring Plan. Just because you’re not traveling with others doesn’t mean you should waste precious time in the parks. Use one of TouringPlans’ standard plans or create a personalized touring plan for the ultimate in customization. And be sure to use the TouringPlans Lines app in the parks to optimize your plans using real-time data.

  1. Make TouringPlans tools work for you. The TouringPlans Dining Reservation Finder and Resort Request tools can help you nab your dream meal or hotel room without being glued to your phone all day. I’ve personally scored some seriously elusive WDW dining reservations and rooms using these tools!

  1. Utilize single rider lines. As a party of one, you can save major time by queueing in these shorter lines which place single riders in first-available ride vehicle seats for some headliner attractions. After using single rider lines, you might wonder why you’ve always waited so long to sit with your friends and family on Test Track (kidding…sort of).

  1. Purchase Memory Maker. Disney’s photography service gives you access to unlimited professional PhotoPass photographers and photo opps throughout Walt Disney World so you don’t have to rely on selfies to capture memories of your trip. Save by purchasing Memory Maker in advance for $169, or snag it for $199 once you’ve seen all your snaps.

  1. Use Mobile Order. If dining alone at a table service restaurant doesn’t appeal, place your order in advance via the My Disney Experience app, and enjoy a meal without delaying your day. Some of the most delicious, iconic Disney foods can be experienced this way!

  1. Take advantage of Package Pickup. As a solo traveler, you probably won’t have a stroller (AKA storage on wheels). So you’ll have to schlep your souvenirs around with you all day, right? Wrong! Disney’s Package Pickup service will deliver them near park entrances or to your Disney resort for free pickup, or even ship them right to your home. (Note: This service is currently unavailable.)

  1. Talk to people. Without friends or family by your side, you might be looking for some social interaction after a few hours of waiting in lines. Why not chat it up with cast members and other park-goers? There’s nothing like passing the time connecting with fellow Disney lovers, and you’re sure to make a few Disney friends along the way!

  1. Treat yourself. Take advantage of your freedom; schedule that Disney World experience you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t fit into your travel party’s plans. Plan an evening of resort hopping, reserve a trail ride at Tri-Circle-D Ranch, or splash down at Blizzard Beach. In other words, treat yourself to things you want to enjoy.

  1. Leverage last-minute openings. Reservations for one at Walt Disney World are pretty easy to come by at the eleventh hour. Search the My Disney Experience App, check out the Disney World website, or set a TouringPlans dining reservation request to find the perfect ending to your solo Walt Disney World trip.

When was the last time you did exactly what YOU wanted at Walt Disney World? Jump start your planning now, and you, too could be Soarin’ through the solo Walt Disney World trip of your dreams!

Have you taken a solo trip to Walt Disney World before? Share your experiences in the comments.

First published May 18, 2021. Updated October 12, 2021.

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