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Ask It Results: Have You Ever Done a runDisney Race?

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Although almost anyone can do a runDisney race, not everyone does. In the end, doing a runDisney race is a type of commitment–it takes time to train and the financial cost can be pretty hefty. And that doesn’t even take into account getting up in the middle of the night to stand in a parking lot either sweating like crazy or huddling together to stay warm before the actual race. On the flip side, not to sound cliche, but there is something magical about running through the parks, seeing unique sights and characters on the course. Ultimately, each person has to decide for themselves whether it is “worth it”, and if it is something they’d like to do. So we asked you:

Have you ever done a runDisney race?

Here’s your results.

Yes (444 votes)


My hat’s off to all you repeat runners. Some of your accomplishments are amazing, both in terms of distance run and number of races done. And although some have come to the point that it is hard to justify continuing to do them because of cost or because of overcrowding, others are still going strong. Yes, there are local races around the country that are cheaper, but Disney in general is expensive. It’s the little extra pixie dust that does make every mile magic. (And we know that all magic comes with a price, dearie!)

No, never gonna happen (599 votes)


One benefit of Disney races is that there is something for just about everyone. I’ve even seen a person doing a runDisney race with their walker. Just because almost everybody can doesn’t mean that everyone would want to, however. Many of my family members have mentioned that if you’re not being chased, there’s no reason to run. Wakeup calls at 3 AM don’t sound like the perfect match with relaxing vacation. By skipping a year of runDisney races as a family, we literally were able to book a cruise. Never may be a long time, but many of the people who say never gonna happen really do mean it.

No, but maybe someday (607 votes)


Right at the finish line, in comes the winner! (But don’t worry–there’s a participation medal for all of the answer choices.) Some people already have their first runDisney race scheduled and are actively training for it. For those people, enjoy the experience–it really is an amazing one! Others have thought about doing it in the future. I’d suggest just finding a race that fits your schedule and preferences and go for it. There’s no time like the present!

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And there you have this down-to-the-wire Ask It. Next week’s question, which I know will get quite a few comments, is live on Twitter and here. We’ll be back next week with your results on Ask It!

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