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#AskIt Results: Best Disney World Water Park

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Last week, we took a ride on the lazy river of your thoughts and asked “Which Walt Disney World water park is best?” This week the results are in and fairly decisive.

The votes are in!

Blizzard Beach – 39%

Typhoon Lagoon – 61%

The Disney water parks have a lot in common. Both are highly themed with slides and raft rides, kids areas, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

Water park ticket options: A one day ticket is $62/56 (adult/9 and under) summers (May 27 to August 27 this year) or $57/51 the rest of the year when bought in advance. Admission is also covered with tickets that have the added Park Hopper Plus option (this replaces the Water Park Fun & More add-on that was sold before 2017).

Blizzard Beach. ©Disney

Blizzard Beach opened 1995. Located near Animal Kingdom park and approximately across Buena Vista Drive from Coronado Springs resort. Despite its close proximity to Coronado Springs and the All-Star resorts, there is no walking path along or across the busy highway to this park. Guests arrive by car (parking is free) or Disney bus. The bus is sometimes shared with other destinations. Blizzard Beach shares a parking lot with Winter-Summerland Mini-Golf.

The backstory of Blizzard Beach is that a freak snow storm hit Florida and some enterprising folks opened the state’s first (and only) ski resort. The park’s premier slide is Summit Plummet, a body slide guests can reach by chairlift.

Blizzard Beach does a great job with kids’ areas, which many of you pointed out in your comments.

Miss Adventure Falls ©Disney

Our winner, Typhoon Lagoon, was the second water park to open at Walt Disney World. It opened all the way back in 1989, 13 years after Disney World’s first water park, River Country. Typhoon Lagoon is close to Disney Springs, and often shares bus service with Disney Springs. Parking is free at Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon’s backstory is that a tropical storm came through a tropical fishing village, throwing gear and boats all over, including landing the Miss Tilly shrimp boat above the park on a mountain top. The newest attraction at the park is Miss Adventure Falls, which replaced the shark reef swim-through (a unique, but rushed and chilly experience). The flagship attraction is Crush N Gusher, a water coaster.

Typhoon Lagoon’s wave pool is much larger than the one at Blizzard Beach. Its waves are actually big enough for the park to host surfing classes in the mornings before park open.

The good news is both parks have a lot to offer you.

Thanks for weighing in on the water park question. This week’s #AskIt is live here on the blog and on Twitter.

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10 thoughts on “#AskIt Results: Best Disney World Water Park

  • I think voting difference of both water park would be change now.

    Because so many changes and innovation is done in both water park.

  • I chose Blizzard Beach. Maybe the 1st water park you visit at Disney is your favorite? We did both a couple of weeks ago (our 1st time at Typhoon Lagoon). My daughter and I both liked Blizzard Beach better–especially the lazy river. The only thing my daughter liked better at Typhoon Lagoon was the wave pool. I found it too rough and exhausting!

  • I was really hoping this would compare the lazy rivers of both water parks. We only have time for one water park and want to hit the one with the best lazy river.

    • I think the consensus is:

      Blizzard Beach wins for lazy river and speed slide
      Typhoon Lagoon wins for wave pool and tube/raft slides

    • Blizzard Beach has the superior lazy river for me.
      It’s considerably longer (3,000 ft vs 2,100 ft), and I love how going through the cave takes you to the far back of the park which you most likely wouldn’t tread to on your own.

  • In July we will be there with our 5 grandkids, 11-10-8-7-7, and still haven’t decided which water park to visit. I had some concerns about the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon, my daughter still remembers scrapping up her knees as a child there. But these kids are used to the Atlantic Ocean in Jersey. So, which water park should we visit?

    • I grew up in a Nova Scotia. My 12 year old daughter body surfs every summer and is well accustomed to large waves and undertow. Last summer, she was knocked off her feet and dragged, bloodied and crying, along the bottom of the wave pool at typhoon lagoon. Still has the scars. My sunglasses were knocked off my face and were churned away by the waves so quickly I never did find them.

      We like both water parks but those waves are really, really strong.

      Both have great lazy rivers.

  • What I can’t understand is how Blizzard Beach has not been rethemed into a Frozen waterpark. Seriously- Arendale is thawing out after it was frozen solid. Olaf opens a water park? How has this not been done?!?!?!

    • I love Frozen, but not everything at WDW needs to be based on movies.
      I’m very happy Disney has resisted this very obvious re-theme.

      • Agreed!!

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