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Best Disney World Dining Locations for Teens

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Is Walt Disney World still fun for teenagers? Absolutely! Even though Disney marketing tends to focus on young kids and parents, Disney World just may be more teen-friendly today than ever now that Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel and we’re all living in a social media, fandom world. Plus, the parks are home to a number of immersive, groundbreaking rides and experiences, like Avatar Flight of Passage and Rise of the Resistance, that only continue to grow.

But if you’re a parent of a teenager, you know that teens consume A LOT of food. Character meals and signature-style meals are often what first come to mind when thinking of dining at Disney, so are there any options for teens to enjoy when it’s mealtime? The answer is yes! There are plenty of dining locations at Walt Disney World that teens will love.

That’s why today I’m going park by park to share my top restaurant and snack picks for teenagers at Walt Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

Top Pick: Jungle Cruise Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

©Rikki Niblett

Adventureland’s Skipper Canteen continues the story of the Jungle Cruise attraction in offering somewhat of an adventurous menu, incredible theming, and that signature Jungle Cruise humor! Plus, there’s a secret meeting room that you may get to dine in.

skipper canteen
The S.E.A. Room. I’d hold a secret meeting here any day!

While picky eaters may be wary of the exotic menu, the hilariously, witty Skipper servers are sure to be appreciated by teens, as well as the tongue-in-cheek nods and gags scattered throughout the restaurant.

The fare is just as awesome as the atmosphere making for an experience your teen can appreciate more than younger children and will remember long after your visit.

Runner Up: Be Our Guest

Magic Kingdom Reopening Be Our Guest Dining Room July 2020

Teens who love Beauty and the Beast MUST experience this restaurant.

Here guests dine inside the Beast’s castle and possibly in dining rooms that look just like the West Wing and ballroom from the film. Be sure to look for the wilting rose, snow falling outside the windows despite the Florida heat, and the Grey Stuff for dessert.

Top Snack Pick: Adventureland Egg Roll Cart

This was a tough one considering how many snacks there are at the Magic Kingdom, but the Adventureland Egg Roll Cart must be shared.

The menu for this portable cart has been known to change on occasion, as has its location, but typically guests can enjoy their choice of cheeseburger egg rolls, pepperoni pizza spring rolls, or Reuben spring rolls right outside the entrance to Adventureland.

But be warned! The cart follows its own schedule as opposed to the park’s operating hours. If you see it’s open and guests are in line, it’s best to get in line too.


Top Pick: Via Napoli

Italy Pavilion

One of the constants in life is that teenagers love pizza. Well, you will be hard-pressed to find better pizza anywhere than Via Napoli at EPCOT’s Italy pavilion.

Via Napoli’s pizza is as authentic as they come. The restaurant uses quality Italian ingredients and bakes their pizzas in massive wood-burning ovens named after the 3 active volcanoes in Italy—Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius, and Stromboli.

Runner Up: Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Regal Eagle BBQ Epcot

Have a teenage carnivore in your group? This relatively new barbecue quick-service spot at the American Adventure pavilion serves up chicken, brisket, burgers, ribs, and a variety of house-recipe sauces to sample.

Also, be on the lookout for subtle references to the Muppets! The Regal Eagle here is none other than the Muppets’ Sam Eagle!

Top Snack Pick: Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Save room for dessert!
Photo courtesy of Disney (c)

EPCOT is a foodie paradise, especially during one of the park’s festivals. But for a tried and true snack spot, teenagers won’t be disappointed by the selection of treats at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie at the France pavilion. Whether it’s the eclairs, creme brulee, or napoleons, a quality treat is pretty much a sure thing.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Top Pick: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater offers one of the coolest dining experiences at Walt Disney World. Here it looks like you’re dining outside at an old-fashioned drive-in where diners eat in classic cars and watch clips from vintage sci-fi flicks and cartoons.

The menu consists of burgers, pastas, and sandwiches, but the desserts are just as good. Teens with a sweet tooth will love the milkshakes, house-made candy bar, and warm glazed doughnut!

Runner Up: Ronto Roasters

Ronto Wrap

Star Wars-obsessed teens, or those with adventurous taste buds, may want to sample a Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

A Ronto Wrap is a combo of roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, tangy slaw, and peppercorn sauce wrapped in pita bread. It’s basically a Star Wars-inspired hot dog. It may sound a little adventurous to some, but it’s seriously good and even has a breakfast version topped with eggs, pork sausage, cheddar!

Top Snack Pick: Num Num Cookie

The Market near Pixar Place and the entrance to Toy Story Land is home to an Incredibles 2 themed snack: the Num Num Cookie.

What’s a Num Num Cookie? Think of it as a deep-dish chocolate chip cookie! What teen (or anyone for that matter?) wouldn’t consider this gooey, chocolatey goodness a total snacking win?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Top Pick: Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen Cheeseburger Pods

Is your teen into alien cuisine? If so, Satu’li Canteen is the place to visit at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Located in Pandora – The World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom’s themed land based on the 2009 film Avatar, the Satu’li Canteen’s food looks like it’s from the planet of Pandora.

But don’t worry, it’s not just a gimmick. Satu’li’s fare is seriously delicious! You can’t go wrong with their combination bowls and/or cheeseburger pod bao buns. And don’t forget dessert! The blueberry cheesecake in particular is super yummy and Instagrammable!

Top Snack Pick: Pongu Pongu’s Night Blossom

Pongu Pongu at Pandora – World of Avatar

Pongu Pongu at Pandora – The World of Avatar is home to a delicious, non-alcoholic frozen drink that’s an Animal Kingdom must-have!

The Night Blossom is brightly colored layers of frozen Desert Pear Limeade and Apple topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls for an off-world flair. Teens will love how it looks and tastes!

Disney Springs

Top Pick: Splitsville Dining Room

Disney Springs may be the best place to eat at Walt Disney World; that’s not just for adults, but teenagers too. Since there is so much to choose from, there is no one answer for the best restaurant for teens at Disney Springs. There’s like a dozen!

But I decided to settle on Splitsville Dining Room as my top pick, and here’s why.

While bowling may not be “cool” these days, Splitsville totally is with its perfect balance of modern and retro, dozens of television screens, live music, and a menu of crowdpleaser options that’s far and above your typical concession stand food. Plus, every time I’m there, I see groups of young people hanging out and competing against one another while chowing down on Splitsville’s burgers, chicken tenders, and sushi.

Yes, I said sushi. Believe it not, Splitsville is home to the best sushi I’ve had at Walt Disney World. True story.

Do be aware that dining and bowling are booked separately if you’re looking to make advance reservations.

Runners Up: Sorry, I can’t name just one since Disney Springs has so many teen-friendly eateries!


Let’s start with Chicken Guy! This quick-service spot known for its chicken tenders and an array of sauces for optimal dipping and sampling.

Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew lives up to its name with its selection of cold brew coffee and donuts, but Evergalzed also has burgers and sandwiches and features a cool, Instagrammable outdoor area.

Lastly, Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza lets guests customize their own pizza before it’s cooked at warp speed!

Top Snack Pick: TIE – Sprinkles, Gideon’s Bakehouse, & Amorette’s Patisserie

WandaVision Cake at Amorette’s

Sprinkles has a cupcake ATM. Need I say more? Gideon’s Bakehouse has specialty cookies that weigh half a pound! But be warned, there’s a waitlist to get in on busy days.

Amorette’s Patisserie may seem like a surprising choice, but this artistic bakery has incredible looking (and tasting!)  character dome cakes and decorative treats. But Amorette’s also knows what’s cool, frequently offering Marvel and Star Wars themed mini cakes.


Top Pick: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Beaches and Cream Interior

Of all the resort restaurants at Walt Disney World, I had to go with Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort as my top pick for teens.

Granted, the atmosphere is a little vintage despite its recent makeover, but the burgers and fries menu coupled with the incredible selection of ice cream concoctions make this little hideaway an experience your teens will get into.

And let’s be honest, what group of teens wouldn’t love to push their limits with the Kitchen Sink?

Top Snack Pick: Pineapple Lanai

Dole Whips are one of the most popular treats at Walt Disney World. This pineapple-flavored soft serve that’s surprisingly allergy-friendly and has a serious following; and in recent years, Disney has introduced new flavors and themed versions!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort actually has a walk-up window known as the Pineapple Lanai that serves up Dole Whip treats without the need for a park ticket or having to wait in a long, long line at the Magic Kingdom.

Teens are sure to love this tropical, frosty treat and the access of the walk-up window so close to the pool!

Those are my recommendations for dining locations teenagers will enjoy at Walt Disney World! Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments! 

First published March 5, 2021. Updated July 1, 2021.

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