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The Best Way to Spend $50 at EPCOT’s 2022 Festival of the Holidays

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There is a lot of food at the 2022 Festival of the Holidays, but maybe you only have time for a quick snack. Or maybe you have – gasp – a budget to stick to. Never fear, TouringPlans is here with our picks for the best $50 you can spend at the Festival.

Soup Course

Beef & Noodle Soup Bowl from Shanghai Holiday Kitchen, $9.25

We thought this was pricey and it’s not a glamorous dish, but wait … the beef is tender, the chili oil is on the mild side & the flavor is so good! We’re converts.

three chunks of dark brown beef shank garnished with parsley rest on top of a pile of noodles in a dark broth
Beef and Noodle Soup Bowl with Slow-braised Beef Shank, Green Onion and House-made Chili Oil
New Year Celebration Soba from Shi Wasu, $8.50

It was 86° & we devoured this. And we’ll do it again. How is the Dashi Broth so good?!? No clue. Get it.

A cup filled with dark, rich looking broth and thin brown soba noodles, topped with thinly sliced scallions and a piece of tempura.
New Year Celebration Soba: Buckwheat Soba Noodles in a Hot Dashi Soup with Yuzu, Shrimp Tempura, Kamaboko Fish Cake and Chopped Green Onion

Vegetarian / Plant-Based Course

Peanut Stew from Refreshment Outpost, $5.25 🌱🇬

Plant-Based & Gluten-Friendly and just so incredible! It’s somewhere between warm and spicy and big enough for a few people to share. We LOVED this! The sweet potatoes ease the heat & the mustard greens are salty & go great with the crunchy peanuts. Love! Love! Love!

stew with peanuts, sweet potato chunks, and wilted mustard greens on a bed of rice, topped with sliced scallions
Peanut Stew with Sweet Potatoes, Mustard Greens and Roasted Peanuts
Cheese Fondue from Bavaria Kitchen, $8.25

THE DING DANG MELTED CHEESE! Don’t get mad when you have to buy two of these because your kid claims it & shoves their entire fist of bread in the cheese to show dibs. The $8.25 is worth the joy & pictures it will bring. 🧀 #cheesememory

creamy pale cheese fills a light-colored bread bowl. On the side are slices of zucchini courgette and whole baby potatoes.
Cheese Fondue in a Bread Bowl with Steamed Baby Vegetables and Marble Potatoes
Potato Latkes from L’Chaim!, $4.25 🌱🇬

Classic comfort food. Love the dill. Really, how can you go wrong with fried potatoes?

potato pancakes have a crispy brown exterior with paler shreds of potato visible on the sides. They are topped with sour cream with visible flecks of dill.
Potato Latkes

Meat Course

Pork Schnitzel from Bavaria Kitchen, $6.50

Yummmm the wine reduction in the mushroom sauce. Yummmmm. Should we say it again? Yummmmmm.

brown, crusty pork schnitzel is piled on a serving of spaetzle and herbs, topped with a generous helping of a rich, brown sauce with slices of sauteed mushroom.
Pork Schnitzel with Mushroom Sauce, Spätzle and Braised Red Cabbage
Kālua Pork from Mele Kalikimaka, $5.50

No surprise here as this has made our best-$50 list in the past. We always love this & always will.

shredded pork lies on top of a bed of mashed purple sweet potatoes, garnished with green sprouts and bright yellow pieces of mango
Kālua Pork with Okinawa Sweet Potatoes and Mango Salad

Dessert Course

Linzer Cookie from Bavaria Holiday Kitchen, $3 🍪

This cookie is jammy, sweet, and dusted with powdered sugar. The best cookie of the Cookie Stroll!

a round sandwich cookie with crinkled edges and a dusting of powdered sugar surrounding a thumbprint of deep reddish purple raspberry jam.
Linzer Cookie
Grand Total = $50.50

The Festival runs until December 30, and if you buy everything on this list it’s more than enough food for 4 people to enjoy this beautiful festival & walk away well-fed & happy. You may have noticed that we included the entire Bavaria Holiday Kitchen – if you can only make one stop, make it here and buy the whole booth. Yes, you’ll need a nap. Yes, you’ll have powdered sugar & cheese on your shirt. But you’ll be full & happy.

Honorable Mention: Blackened Catfish from American Holiday Table, $6.50. Color us stunned but we thought this buttery, flaky fish that is so beautifully seasoned was a surprise win! Worth a try!

A slice of blackened catfish, slightly glistening with oil, is towards the back of the plate. It rests on a bed of rice, and forward on the rice is a serving of hoppin' john with visible beans and collards.
Blackend Catfish with Hoppin’ John and Comeback Sauce

What are you looking forward to trying at the Festival? Let us know in the comments!

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