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Best “Spots” in Blizzard Beach

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Just like my post about the best spots in Typhoon Lagoon, we will now look at the best places in Blizzard Beach to set up camp for the day.

Below, we highlight some of the spots that we have noticed and experienced to be among the best in Blizzard Beach. Each spot will have some kind of descriptive title as well as a picture. Below all of the descriptions and pictures is an image of the Blizzard Beach park map. We circled the area in which you can find these spots, each with a different color highlighter on the map. Here we go…

Secluded Spot

If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t know that this spot even existed. We discovered this spot while doing research in the park when we needed a shady and uncrowded spot to relax for a few minutes. Rarely will you actually see anyone else back in this spot. Another great feature of this spot is the number of wild birds that seem to have made the surrounding trees their homes. So sit back and relax as the soothing chirps of red cardinals help you appreciate the quiet moments of your vacation. This spot is located at the back side of the park. This spot is circled in BLUE on the map.


Wave Pool Spot

Want to be in the middle of the action but not be surrounded by a ton of lounge chairs? Then we think this spot is for you. This spot is actually part of a platform that goes out over the wave pool a bit. So, if anyone in your party really likes to spend time in the wave pool, this spot will keep them close. It provides great shade and close proximity to the other attractions. It’s in the heart of the park. This spot is circled in GREEN on the map.


The Picnic Spot

If bringing all your rations for the day is up your alley, then this spot will provide everything you need. This spot is actually a gazebo with a picnic table. Obviously there is plenty of shade, and it is located near the lazy river and restrooms. As you can see in the photo, this family even brought a table cloth to make their spot even more comfortable. This spot is circled in RED on the map.


Families with Kiddies Spot

This spot is located in the Tike’s Peak area of the park. Tike’s Peak is the toddler play area. If you have children that might enjoy this area, consider staking a spot here for the day. Specifically, look to the back of the area for the gazebos with picnic tables. They provide a more private area that isn’t going to get too crowded. This spot is circled in PURPLE on the map.


The Volleyball Spot

What? A volleyball court made the list? Yes, it did. This spot made the list for its uniqueness. Where else in a water park can you tan for 30 minutes, then engage in a rousing volley with family and friends? If you are in to volleyball, bring your own and have fun. Sorry, Misty May-Treanor is not included… This spot is also pretty secluded for privacy and can be nice and sunny for tanning. Don’t worry there is still plenty of shade here. This spot is circled in PINK on the map.


Park Map with Circled Spots


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