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The parks in Anaheim are still closed, so we’re continuing to focus a little more attention on Downtown Disney for now. This week, we’re taking a plunge into the hedonism that is Black Tap Burgers & Shakes for this installment of our “Better Know a…” series.

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What is Black Tap?

Black Tap is a counter service burger and shake place right in the heart of Downtown Disney. It is best known for its cartoonishly massive milkshakes (which you can also just get to-go), but the food is generally quite solid.

crazy shake

Where is Black Tap?

Black Tap is in the center of the Downtown Disney District, near the Uva Bar.. Walking from the Disneyland Hotel, it will be about halfway to the parks, to the left of Uva Bar and near Ballast Point.

What You Need to Know About the Menu at Black Tap

The menu at Black Tap features straightforward “bar and grill” food like like wings, chicken tenders, and onion rings; decadent burgers; and completely over-the-top milkshakes called Crazy Shakes. These Crazy Shakes, which each resemble a regular milkshake that is wearing an entire separate dessert as a hat, are the primary draw for many. There is a separate grab-and-go window where you can get one if that’s all you want and you’re not worried about sitting down. Believe it or not, there are vegetarian and vegan options, and there is a kids’ menu with the usual kids’ menu fare.

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What the Dining Experience Is Like at Black Tap

Black Tap is a fast casual restaurant, where you’ll order at the counter, and then be given a buzzer that will alert you that your food is ready. You’ll seat yourself, and there is ample outdoor seating.

What are Some Items to Target at Black Tap?

The Crazy Shakes are the stars of the show here, so make sure you save room for dessert (or just come for dessert, as many do). Take a moment to read Guy’s review of Black Tap, but briefly, the Strawberry Shortcake was a standout among the shakes. If you enjoy craft beer, Black Tap also has an underrated beer list.


What You Need to Know About Accessibility for Black Tap

Black Tap is fully accessible and should not present any unique challenges for visitors in wheelchairs or ECVs.

Does Weather Affect Black Tap?

Indoor dining is currently not available in California, but under ordinary circumstances, there is ample indoor seating to keep you out of the elements. For now, however, be prepared to be exposed to sun and rain if you visit Black Tap (or anywhere, of course).

What is a Good Time to Visit Black Tap?

Because many people just visit for a treat or for dessert, Black Tap doesn’t necessarily follow traditional restaurant traffic patterns, with people visiting both in the afternoon and evening as well as meal times. Lunch and shortly thereafter tends to see the lightest crowds.

Are you a fan of Black Tap? Do you have a favorite shake? Let us know in the comments!

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