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Cabanas Introduced at the Magic Kingdom

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Are you looking for a relaxing experience at the Magic Kingdom? Soon, Guests will be able to experience an enjoyable day by renting cabanas in Tomorrowland, located near Space Mountain. These cabanas can accommodate up to eight Guests and are available for a rental price of $649 per day.  This is a set price, no matter how many Guests take advantage of the Cabanas, so for the best value, it’s better to have eight total Guests in one Cabana.




Amenities in the Cabanas will include private, shaded seating (including a couch), snacks, a fruit basket, cold beverages, and reserved viewing for parades and fireworks. Cabanas also include a lockable storage trunk, charging stations, personalized Mickey ears, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and insect repellent, a small refrigerator, delivery of ice cream novelties (once), and food delivery service (for a price).







Guests who have booked a Cabana can check in at the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. (Which is the gift shop for Space Mountain.)

Currently Cabanas are only available at the Magic Kingdom, however I suspect that if these are popular, they will be rolled out to other theme parks. In addition, Cabanas will also be available during hard tickets event, as long as the Guest has a ticket to the event.

Do keep in mind that Guests must have valid tickets to be able to rent a Cabana. Cabanas will be available for Guest use beginning on November 27 and they can be booked by calling (407) WDW-PLAY.

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32 thoughts on “Cabanas Introduced at the Magic Kingdom

  • What an absurd idea! You can get a room at a monorail resort with a/c and your own bathroom for less than that price. Also, who wants to see that in a theme park?? Disabilities aside, people are too lazy to go back to their rooms for a break? There are many hideaway places in the park to get away from the crowds. I hope this idea fades quickly.

  • I am intrigued with the idea of Cabanas at MK.
    We have only one day at MK, and 5 in our party including my 81 year old mother. It would be great to have a place for her to go and rest while the others in our party ride the thrill rides that she will sit out. We could also take turns napping on the couch during the day (we love our naps!). It would be $130 per person (@5) and includes drinks $$ and snacks $$, place to store items $$. We were planning a trip back to the resort to rest anyway before coming back in the evening. Might be worth the cost to reduce hassle and time of riding the bus back and forth!

  • Admission price to the MK is hefty enough. I like to spend my time enjoying the park. How much time would someone spend in these? A couple of hour, maybe? I can find a thousand better ways to spend $650

  • Well I won’t be travelling over 4000 miles on a 9+ hour plane journey to visit a theme park and then when I get there sit in a tent! I can do that at home! AND in the UK generally air conditioning isn’t needed! If I had that sort of money spare, I could pay for a DVC villa which could accommodate 8 people for a longer period than the hours Magic Kingdom is open!

  • Wow. No Way!! Unless they came with FastPass+ for every attraction all day, all you can eat delivery included in the price. I mean, no AC means that your in a plastic hot box absorbing the heat off the pavement! Way to expensive for what you get!

  • For $700 a day I would expect air conditioning and bottle service.

  • Go back to your rooms if you need a break. At $649 stay at Grand Floridian.These are ugly looking and detract from the park. In their pursuit of a buck, this is the worst idea yet. For over 40 years this has not been necessary. Just when I thought that spending well over 1 billion dollars to “save” money with magic bands was the worst idea ever, they top it. How about they focus more on cleaning the parks, fixing rides, and bringing back the guest experience and Disney quality that we all appreciated in the past?

  • I miss so much every time i go to the parks. The average guest will not know these exist unless they are in a thoroughway. It would defeat the purpose if these were near crowds. I can picture families of autistic kids getting together to rent one of these. Kudos to Disney for fulfilling an unmet demand!>)

    • You actually bring up a fantastic point that I didn’t consider before. And in talking it over with a friend, she suggested that for large groups such as for prom,school, or work outings, these could actually be quite nice.

  • I must need to slow down – my first glance at this read “Cannabis Introduced at Magic Kingdom”…

    • And then you realized that it’s actually an even worse idea.

  • Really wish it was April Fools. This is troubling to me and I defend their controversial additions regularly. Not this time.

  • I get that their objective right now is not to increase attendance, but to maximize the revenue they get out of the existing attendance. That said – this is ridiculous. Based on the last photo in the article, it could also be completely visible from the TTA. I’m not usually much of a “shame on Disney” guy, but wow.

  • As mentioned by someone smarter than me…

    Tomorrowland Shantytown

  • Ahahahahahahahaha.


  • Not exactly sure where they are but there was (at least as of my last visit) a quiet, hidden space with benches between Space Mountain and the restrooms that were once the base of the Skyride. Ther’s also the visible but rarely used path between the Grand Prix and the WDWRR, with lots of green space.
    It would be a shame if these cabanas were visible from typical walkways. “Bad show” in Disney parlance. And one has to wonder exactly how long before guests’ language and volume become an issue in such a family-friendly place.

  • I don’t understand this for this price on Castaway Cay, and it makes so much less sense in a theme park. I’d expect to see this announcement on April Fools Day. If I were going to spend this kind of money, I’d be looking at my own fireworks view room at the Poly. Godspeed to anyone who wants to do this, but I must be missing something because I just don’t get it.

  • The fact they aren’t air conditioned means they are of zero value in my opinion.

    • It’s a lot of money, but I’m sure it would be worth it to some folks. However, the no AirCon is a deal breaker most of the year. There are unused buildings in probably all the parks besides Animal Kingdom (there might be something in AK that I’m not aware of). They should have put these inside- it wouldn’t destroy the themeing and people would actually want to sit in them in August.

  • Where exactly are these? Inside the train tracks? Near the old skyway station? Behind the gift shop next to the speedway? Seems like a noisy area to relax in.

  • May this theme killing idea die miserably. I hope this is a complete bust. These cabanas have little-to-nothing to do with the future.

    • In the future, people will have so much disposable income, they waste their money on . . .. Actually, shouldn’t this be in EPCOT? I wonder what tier they would make it.

  • I hear that incest repellent is an must in some parts.

  • Y’all might want to proofread again. In the paragraph about cabana amenities, “incest repellent” is listed.

  • I had a nice chuckle at “incest repellent”.

    • On it. I’d say something to Rikki, but she’d bring up the time I mis-typed “public” in one of my articles 🙂

      Thanks, everyone.

      • Oh my gosh. Well call me embarrassed. I can’t even blame autocorrect on that one. That was just an unfortunate typo.

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