Carmageddon! Does it Affect Your Disneyland Vacation?

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Holy carmageddon! What is it? It is the three day shutdown of one of the largest freeways through Los Angeles, the 405. From Friday July 15th at midnight until 5am July 18th (yes just a couple of days away!) the 405 freeway will be shut down between the 101 and 10 freeways. Officials are also deterring the use of 405’s street alternative, Sepulveda Boulevard, as an alternate route and use of 101 which will carry the worst burden of the traffic closures.

SoCal residents and those traveling to Disneyland from the Los Angeles: beware! This has the opportunity to be a harsh start to your magical vacation! Officials are recommending you stay in this weekend.

If you live in the area, let us know any routes or tips and tricks you may have by leaving a comment here!

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4 thoughts on “Carmageddon! Does it Affect Your Disneyland Vacation?

  • First trip to DL this weekend. Driving in from Las Vegas, after flying from the Carolina’s, will we be ok, if we are checking in Friday night? We don’t plan to leave back out until Tuesday!

    • If you are staying in the DL area, you will be fine. The important thing is not to venture out to areas like Hollywood or Universal.

      • Thanks for the info, I’m so relieved! We are staying in the DL area, and won’t leave that area!

  • Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent a lot of time on those highways. That’s why I still live in New Jersey. May the force be with all of you in So Cal! You’ll need it!


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