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Cast Couture: Costumes of Epcot’s World Showcase

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Thanks to your comments on my recent post about the costumes of the Magic Kingdom, I decided to take this idea around the world. As always, if you’re a cast member pictured here and you’d prefer that I not use your image please leave a comment below and I will remove your photo. But I’m sure everyone will agree all the ladies of the World Showcase look beautiful!! Let’s get started with Mexico.

I almost didn’t ask to take this photo. It was a little awkward since I had to lean over the rail of the walkway and ask her to get up from her work. But I saw the opportunity for framing the photo with all of her hand painted art, which was lovely. I love the vibrant and relaxed costumes in Mexico! You’ll notice that I only took photos of the ladies in this one. That is because especially around the World Showcase I think the girls have the better costumes. Maybe I can go back and visit the guys if anyone has interest?


In Norway the costumes are certainly a bit more tailored. For some reason this costume always makes me think of Christmas! Does anyone else agree? These outfits certainly fit in with the heavy, rich woods of the Norway pavilion. They are beautiful but I don’t know that I would want to be wearing them in our brutal Florida summers! (Of course, I doubt they have that problem in the real Norway!)


The China costumes are not my personal favorite. They seem a little generic. Of course, they are unisex costumes, so I suppose they have to be. The cast member below looks great – but I always tend to think that if I could wear a certain costume. I don’t think I could pull this one off! No to mention it’s yellow, but I can understand that since yellow is the most prestigious color in Chinese culture.


Moving on to Germany – I think this is my favorite costume of the bunch. Who wouldn’t want to wear this adorable outfit? The colors are great; the photo doesn’t do it justice. In the pristine setting of the little shops in Germany, it looked like it was right out of the pages of a storybook!


Italy boasts several very open stores which normally is lovely with a little air conditioning in the buildings. Unfortunately, the day I visited (11/24) was a bit chilly so everyone was wearing coats. However, I think the coats fit well with the costumes and make them look modern. The deep red color of the fabric is beautiful and fits in perfectly with the bright colors of Italy.


The costumes in America changed in that last year. If you miss the old ones you can still find them at The Hall of Presidents over at the Magic Kingdom. Personally, I prefer the new one pictured below. With the patriotic colors and embroidered eagle they are perfect for our land!


In Japan I found several different costumes. They all seemed to be similar but varied in color. I decided to feature the one with the deepest blue colors. Doesn’t this almost look like something high fashion you could wear out? What a pretty outfit to wear while working the Kidcot station!


There is more yellow in Morocco but I love this comfortable looking costume! It really fits well with the shop where it is found. Of course, Morocco like other lands features a few different costumes but I decided to keep it simple and feature my favorite. I don’t know that I could wear this one but the cast member below sure looks great in it! Would you want to wear this to work?


In France I had to hunt a little to find a cast member in a costume! Many of the shops in this land are outsourced so I saw a lot of folks wearing all black. It was worth the hunt, though! The skirt for this costume is epic and pairs perfectly with the crisp white shirt. Take a closer look and notice the puffy upper sleeves of the shirt. This is really a great costume with great details!


In the United Kingdom you’ll find these lightly colored dresses with delicate flowers. They are so pretty and fit in well within the land. I wonder how difficult they are to keep clean, though. They are the lightest colored costumes I’ve found around the World Showcase. Luckily, cast members don’t have to worry about that since all the costumes are washed on premises. (You can see all about that on the UnDISCOVERed Future World Tour)


Canada features a heavy, plaid shirt with an almost bronze colored skirt. While my picture cuts off you’ll notice the tops of a heavy boot. These are almost always seen in the Canada pavilion. This costume is in stark contrast to most of the World Showcase, and I love them for being so different.


So there are the costumes of the World Showcase! Which one is your favorite? What costumes would you like to see next? Please let us know in the comments below. We always love hearing from you. As always, thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “Cast Couture: Costumes of Epcot’s World Showcase

  • I agree that the Mexico costume reminds me of December, 25th because of the red, green, and the white.

  • I used to work at Epcot Costuming, the one you have pictured for Mexico is an Operating Participant, not Disney. The white costume worn at the Gran Fiesta Tour is the newest one for that pavilion. It looks like you focused on the Merchandise costumes, many of the Food and Beverage costumes are different. Great article!!

    • Hey Sara – that is really interesting. I noticed there were different costumes but I pretty much picked the ones I liked best. Featuring them all would have been impossible but it is fun to know what the difference is between them. The details of Disney are amazing! Different costumes based on your job within a land – wow!

  • Great article again Daisy! My favorite is the United Kingdom one! I really miss the old American Adventure costumes. I would love to see the guys too! Thanks for your fantastic job!

    • Cool- thanks for the kind word and for reading! Funny how all the gals want to see the guys…. 😉

  • Great post! Though I must respectfully disagree with your praise for the new American Adventure outfits. The old ones resembled garb from Colonial Williamsburg and fit the period of the pavilion’s Georgian architecture. The new ones make the CMs look like Delta Airlines flight attendants from the late 1990s…

    • Hey Seth – I love it when people disagree! It is just my opinion and that certainly doesn’t make it right. I think my problem is I try to imagine myself wearing it. I’d look frumpy in the old costume but I could rock the flight attendant one. So there you go – my opinion is entirely selfish! 😉

  • Yes, please do one on the men of the World Showcase! (Okay, half of my reason is to see more pictures of the very attractive men in the Italy Pavilion…) 😉

    • I agree, Italy has the best eye candy by far!

      • Well it helps that they have great costumes. I feel bad for the guys in Germany! 😉

  • I almost hate to admit it, but switch the skirt for the same colour pants and I’ve seen my mother wear that same outfit. Heck, we saw a guy wearing that and a toque on the way for coffee this morning. Go far enough north and most of us have some form of lumberjack shirt.

    • Haha – that is great! I scrolled up to make sure I didn’t call it a lumberjack shirt before you did because that was my first thought but it seemed a little rude for me to call it that. I can’t blame you, though. I just came from a week in 40 degree weather and I wish I’d had one of those shirts!

  • I really enjoy these posts! The ladies of World Showcase are always so charming! I’m glad that they’ve differentiated WS from the MK’s colonial theme in Liberty Square.

    Have you covered the street performer costumes in DHS?

    • I haven’t – but I LOVE that idea! I should totally do all the streetmosphere characters at the studios! That will take some work but I’ll start on it. 🙂


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