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Changes to the Magic Kingdom Spring Roll Cart

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The only constant in life is change, or so they say. Over at the Magic Kingdom Spring Roll Cart in Adventureland, there have been a few changes.

  1. The price has gone up — at one point, an order of 2 spring rolls was $7.50. Now it is a whopping $9.50. OUCH.
  2. While you can still get 2 Pepperoni Pizza spring rolls or 2 Cheeseburger spring rolls, you also can get a combo with one of each for the same price.
  3. The Cheeseburger spring roll now comes with a “pickle mayo” sauce. It’s a tasty sauce, as long as you’re a fan of mayo.

I personally love spring rolls, but the price increase has priced me out, especially when thinking about the delicious potstickers only a short distance away.

What do you think? Is the price still okay or is it way too high for what you get? 


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Julia Mascardo

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8 thoughts on “Changes to the Magic Kingdom Spring Roll Cart

  • Can I get the sauce recipe it’s the greatest

  • When is the Spring Roll cart open in MK?

  • when is the cart open?

  • At what time does the Spring Roll Cart open in Magic Kingdom?

  • “Remember how we saved that $2 on that snack on vacation?”- No One

    Get the Spring Rolls for crying out loud!!! 😀

    • where is the like button for this!

  • Hmm. For that price I might try recreating them at home instead.

  • They keep this up….more and more people will be bringing their own snacks into the park.
    Then…they’ll start a bag search for chips and bottled water in back packs.
    It’s just a matter of time.

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