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Decorations for Your Disney Drive

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Disney fans love to show that they are fans in every way possible. From wearing Disney t-shirts to Disney tattoos, Disney fans are always looking for ways to keep Disney with them. This, of course, extends to the car, where many people spend a significant amount of their lives. In the Orlando area, you can always see people with passholder magnets of all kinds on roads everywhere.

If you want to go beyond what Disney gives for free, the Mouse has a variety of ways to decorate your vehicle available for sale. In addition to antenna toppers, which are slowly disappearing as cars are made without antennas that can sport one of those foam beauties, here’s what we found at a recent trip to Mouse Gear at Epcot.

Do you love to decorate your Disney drive? Are you sad that antenna toppers are going to be a thing of the past? Let us know in the comments.

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Julia Mascardo

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4 thoughts on “Decorations for Your Disney Drive

  • I love antenna toppers, I currently have Olaf and amazingly it has helped so many times in the car park. Both my kids can quite easily spot the car and yes there have been those times when I have parked and ran in the supermarket then come out and thought – I remember roughly the area but was it this row or that and then I see Olaf waving me over.

    • I put a Nemo antenna topper on my car, and whenever I spot it, I am able to say “I found Nemo!”

  • I’ve had so many antenna toppers stolen! My favorite was Dory

  • I have a decal of the partners statue that I got from Etsy! It’s very unique (that said, I live in Vancouver so Disney-related decals are already pretty rare!).

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