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Disney Confirms Location of Upcoming Star Wars Hotel

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Did you know that Walt Disney World is building a Star Wars themed hotel? It’s been pretty hard news to miss ever since the company announced the resort was coming back at last year’s D23 Expo, however, one thing was always ambiguous about the resort. Where would it be built?

Today, Disney has confirmed that they will be building the Star Wars Hotel on the south side of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, just east of World Drive. From this location, Guests will be able to seamlessly be connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This is the approximate location of the new Star Wars Hotel:

Star Wars Hotel

The Star Wars themed hotel will debut as part of the new Disney 360 vacation concept and will be a revolutionary new vacation experience that will be a living adventure allowing guests to immerse themselves in an entirely new form of Disney storytelling. At this upcoming luxury hotel, families will board a star ship where Guests will be able to participate in a multi-day adventure where they will be thrust into the stories of Star Wars; the characters, stories, and adventures will unfold all around you.

No official date or time frame has been announced for the opening of this hotel. Stay tuned to the blog as we found out more information about the upcoming Star Wars Hotel.

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9 thoughts on “Disney Confirms Location of Upcoming Star Wars Hotel

  • Man, I hope this is a success, and ultra-themed vacation accommodations become the wave of the future. Imagine a Harry Potter hotel at Universal. Some rooms modeled on Hogwarts dormitories, others on 12 Grimmauld, others on the Burrow. And interactive wand stuff EVERYWHERE.

    • Yes please.

    • Ha ha!! Disney might want to rethink this if it’s getting people excited about Universal’s eventual version. Universal will get to learn from Disney’s mistakes and totally blow the mouse out of the water.

  • Trisha Johnson

    Sorry for offending any Star Wars fanaticd, but this whole concept seems pretty silly. Given that it will be a Luxury Resort, very few will be able to afford it and I suspect Disney will ultimately regret deciding to build this.

    • Have you seen the prices of Disney hotels? They’re 90% full and deluxe hotels fetch from 350-800 a night. I don’t think they’re worried at all.

      The difference is I’ll actually PAY that price for the experience vs just a place to lay my head at night.

      • Agreed. If I’m going to spend too much, then give me a high-concept experience like this, not the vague fanciness of the Grandmotherly Floridian.

  • I smell a split stay in my family’s future… that will probably be the case for many families, 1-3 nights of total Star Wars immersion is enough, then I’d need to switch to the Caribbean Beach or Riverside for the remainder of our stay both financially and to enjoy the other aspects of the Disney bubble. I couldn’t imagine doing 7-8 days at this type of hotel. But i’m very excited for this, such an amazing idea!

    • I thought I had read that they will probably require a 2-3 night minimum stay for the immersive package.

  • I would have been excited for this BEFORE Disney ruined Star Wars! If it was based on the original Trilogy and not the junk Disney is making now I would have enjoyed a stay.

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