Disney Cruise Line News — Week of March 24, 2020 — Rebooking Questions Answered

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Ahoy, mateys! I’m Heather, and I’ll be bringing you the up and coming on all things Disney Cruise Line. Welcome back again this week. Let’s see what’s new in the DCL world!

Cruise News

Well, it’s been a week since our last recap on all the recent changes in the Disney Cruise world. Yes, the week was long, and our hands are a bit more chapped from all the washing, but we’ve got this!

This past weekend, DCL has made an adjustment to the final payment schedule for select summer sailings. The following embarkation dates are included in this change:

  • Disney Magic, August 5 to August 30
  • Disney Wonder, July 20 to August 31
  • Disney Dream, June 17 to August 30
  • Disney Fantasy, July 18 to August 31

Guests on these sailings will have the final payment date for their cruise extended by 30 days. This also extends the cancellation penalty period by 30 days. What does this mean? If your previous final payment was due on April 1, it will now be due on May 1, which is also when the cancellation period will take effect.

Some important things to note on this change:

  • The 30 day extension does not apply to concierge staterooms.
  • Online check-in and onboard/port activity booking windows will NOT change, and guests still need to be paid in full to be able to complete these things.
  • This extension is automatic; you do not need to call to request this.

So…if your cruise was one between March 14 and April 12 that was cancelled, you may have a 125% cruise credit burning a hole in your virtual pocket. You may have some questions about how that future cruise credit (FCC) works, and we’ve got some answers to help you figure it out so you can be one day closer to your next embarkation countdown!

How is the FCC calculated? The FCC is calculated on the base cruise fare – not including taxes, port fees, or any additional components.

What happens to the taxes and port fees? Is that added back in to my FCC? No, the taxes and port fees will be refunded to the method of payment you used to pay your cruise balance.

What about other things I already paid for – like transfers, prepaid gratuities, vacation protection plan, or onboard gifts? All of these will be refunded to your method of payment. If you wish to add any of these to your next cruise, they will need to be added and paid for again.

Does the cruise I book with my FCC have to include all members of my original cruise? Can we have more, less, or different guests? Yes, you can change guests! Just one guest from the original reservation must remain on the future reservation.

Can I use the FCC on discounted rates, like IGT/OGT/VGT, or Florida resident, or Military rates? Yes, you absolutely can!

What if the new cruise I book is less than the previous one? If your new cruise costs less, any remaining money from your FCC will be placed on your cruise account as a non-refundable onboard credit.

My original cruise was an onboard booking – will I still get my onboard booking discount on the new cruise? Yes, you will be able to get your discount! Just keep in mind the new cruise you book will be at the current prevailing rate, before the onboard discount is calculated.

You can keep up to date on the latest changes and cancellations due to COVID-19 here on our information page on TouringPlans. Be well!

Thanks for joining me again this week. “Sea” you next time!

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  • March 25, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    I am leaving on July 11on the Fantasy. Seems like I’m in between both sets of changes. Why hasn’t my cruise been adjusted?


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