Disney Cruise Line Weekly Preview — Week of November 4

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Welcome aboard for this week’s Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of November 4th! I’m Brandon Glover, and I’ll be giving you everything you need to know before cruising with Disney Cruise Line this week. We’re back this week with a look at some of the exciting events coming to the high seas in the next few weeks.

Ports of Call (High/Low Temperature, Chance of Rain)

Disney Magic

  • 4 November – New York (60/55, 0%)
  • 5 November – At Sea
  • 6 November – At Sea
  • 7 November – Castaway Cay (82/74, 20%)
  • 8 November – Port Canaveral (80/67, 10%)
  • 9 November – At Sea
  • 10 November – At Sea

Disney Wonder

  • 4 November – Panama Canal (85/74, 80%)
  • 5 November – Cartagena (86/77, 80%)
  • 6 November – At Sea
  • 7 November – Grand Cayman (83/79, 20%)
  • 8 November – Cozumel (/75, 20%)
  • 9 November – At Sea
  • 10 November – Galveston (74/66, 10%)

Disney Dream

  • 4 November – Nassau (82/75, 20%)
  • 5 November – Castaway Cay (82/75, 20%)
  • 6 November – Port Canaveral (80/68, 10%)
  • 7 November – Nassau (83/75, 20%)
  • 8 November – Castaway Cay (82/73, 10%)
  • 9 November – At Sea
  • 10 November – Port Canaveral (77/66, 10%)

Disney Fantasy

  • 4 November – Port Canaveral (79/69, 20%)
  • 5 November – At Sea
  • 6 November – Cozumel (83/74, 20%)
  • 7 November – Costa Maya (83/75, 40%)
  • 8 November – Grand Cayman (83/78, 10%)
  • 9 November – At Sea
  • 10 November – Castaway Cay (82/74, 20%)

Disney Cruise Line: In The News

Last week we mentioned the breaking news concerning the 2019 Disney Cruise Line itineraries, which has seen more detailed information being released in the days since. First up, we have a USA Today article covering the expanded cruises out of San Diego. The Disney Wonder, which is currently servicing the Southern California and Central American coast, will be returning in 2019 for more port calls in Mexico from March through May of 2019. As we mentioned last week, the article goes on to detail the ship destinations, which we covered in our previous article. The Disney Parks Blog has also released a fully detailed story of the itinerary release, including more descriptions of the places these itineraries will include. Booking for these new itineraries is well under way, as they became open to the general public on November 2.

Our good friend Captain Scott Sanders of the Disney Cruise Line Blog has recorded the latest episode of the Disney Cruise Line Podcast, which covers the Winter 2019 Itinerary Announcements. You can find Episode 30 and all other fine episodes of the Disney Cruise Line Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Store, Stitcher, PodBean, or the Disney Cruise Line Blog RSS feed.

Halloween has come and gone for 2017, but you can take a look back at the festivities aboard the Disney Cruise Line fleet in a post from the Disney Parks Blog. Halloween on the High Seas is an annual offering featuring ghoulishly delightful character meet and greets, a nighttime party, and plenty of candy. If you’re debating whether to take one of these itineraries in the future, this is a good way to see what kind of treat you’re in for.

Our final story for this week comes from the Disney Parks Blog, containing a recipe from Sweet on You aboard the Disney Fantasy. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake seems simple enough to make, and would surely be a chart topper in the Saturday Six milkshake rankings.

That concludes our news for the week. If you’re aboard the Disney Dream, be sure to check out Beauty and the Beast, as the musical is now playing in the Walt Disney Theatre. Also, Thor: Ragnarok is now showing in the theaters aboard all four ships. Excelsior!

Upcoming Entertainment

The following films are being shown aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships this month:

  • Moana
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Born in China
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Cars 3
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Thor: Ragnarok

For future reference, films debut on the Disney Cruise Line the same day of their initial release in the United States. Show times are available in your Personal Navigator or the official Disney Cruise Line app.

Captain’s Log: Important Tips and Information

Did you know there are ten categories of staterooms on the Disney Cruise ships? On the TouringPlans blog, Tammy Whiting recently covered the Best Staterooms in Each Category. This is a helpful resource so you can find the best room for your needs.

Are you deciding whether to book a Disney Cruise but are having a tough time deciding which ship fits all of your desires? Well, our own Laurel Stewart has put together a chart that makes it easy to compare all of the options in one place. Also available as a valuable planning and companion guide from authors Len Testa, Erin Foster, and Laurel Stewart is The Unofficial Guide to the Disney Cruise Line. The companion guide contains a complete overview of each Disney ship as well as Castaway Cay and includes valuable tips on how to save time and money during your cruise!

Port Adventures are a great way to explore a port without the worry of traversing a city on your own, or having to book all the necessary travel arrangements yourself, especially when traveling half way across the globe. These can be offered by a cruise line, or third party, which works in conjunction with many cruise lines and ports around the world. While there surely is an argument as to whether it’s more beneficial or even limiting flexibility to choose one of these port adventures, they always provide a memorable experience that the average family will find enjoyable. An excellent resource for Port Adventure offerings, descriptions and reviews is the Disney Cruise Line Blog. Captain Scott Sanders has a great amount of data covering popular ports of call frequented by the Disney Cruise Line fleet. This week, Scott provided a rundown of the port adventures which guests aboard the Disney Magic will be able to enjoy in 2018 as it makes call in Malaga, Spain. This is just one example of a destination where you’ll find plenty of options ranging in all kinds of interests – horseback riding, historical tours, private tours and beaches, just to name a few. If you have any specific port adventures in mind for your upcoming cruise, we highly recommend visiting the Disney Cruise Line Blog for more information.

That concludes this week’s preview of the Disney Cruise Line. Join us next Friday as we take a look at what happens in the world of Disney Cruise Line over the next week. In the meantime, check out the latest edition of The Saturday Six from author, illustrator, and masked luchador Derek Burgan. Special thanks to Derek Burgan, Julia of Best Week Ever fame, Rikki Niblett, and Scott Sanders of the DCL Blog for their assistance on this article. You can follow Scott on Twitter @TheDCLBlog for daily updates on the cruise line. Tune in to the Be Our Guest WDW Podcast to hear Rikki discuss topics covering all things Walt Disney World.

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