Disney Testing Large Group Assistance in MyDisneyExperience

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MY MyDisney Experience
MY MyDisney Experience

Usually the communications we get from Disney are pretty mundane, but something today piqued my interest:

My Disney Experience Pilot Test – Assistance for Large Parties

Walt Disney World® Resort Guests traveling with ten or more Guests may be invited to take advantage of a My Disney Experience planning service as part of a pilot test.

When your Clients log on to My Disney Experience, some of them may be asked if they are making plans for a party of ten or more people. If they respond ‘yes’, they will be invited to take part in this test. Your Client will be directed to call a specific telephone number at the Disney Reservation Center to take advantage of this service. Not all Guests will receive an invitation.

Pretty vague, yeah? I checked out my own MDE and saw the following:

Making plans with a larger group?
We recommend parties of 10 or more use our complimentary service to set up My Disney Experience. Call (407) 939-7771 from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM EST for assistance.

I don’t have a trip planned right now and lack the imagination to make one up with 9 of my favorite people. But if you are invited to this and decide to use it, leave a comment and let us know how it went.

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10 thoughts on “Disney Testing Large Group Assistance in MyDisneyExperience

  • We are booked for a group of 10 and they were very helpful…they helped make it so my husband could see all the people in our group. They made sure everyone was set up correctly and it was nice to just get that piece of mind that it is all done right.

  • Hey guys – I am happy to go as your guest in this large group. I would be happy to relinquish all control of the planning to you, and just go along for the ride.

  • We had 11 people in two different rooms last October. If it was possible to connect the fast passes and memory maker for two rooms, I never found out how. If this new process fixes that in time for the 15 to 20 person trip we’re starting to plan for December 2016, that would be awesome.

  • I had everything planned for our party of 11, going to Disney world next month, but happened to see this message pop up on MDE home page. I called the number and spoke to a very helpful cast member who checked everything over for me and made sure all of our reservations were for the correct number of people. He also linked a dining reservation under my sister’s name to my account, something that I had previously been told could not be done. He explained that they are posting this number in a few places on the Disney World website and asked where I had seen it. I asked him several questions about creating separate MDE accounts for my family members and he was able to answer all of them. I would definitely call back if we wanted to do that. Right now, everyone is under my account, since I knew I could do all the planning if I did it that way. It’s probably something that other people wouldn’t need help with, but I like having someone to help me through the process.

  • Planning a trip for 17 in February, so I called. The only thing they do is go in and link all of the reservations and MDE accounts for you.

    • Interesting. Is this any easier than doing it on your own?

      My guess is that our readers are somewhat more technologically savvy than your average guest (also better looking and funnier) so this probably isn’t aimed at “our people.”

      • Yes, agreed.
        The people I’m traveling with in February aren’t family members, just a collection of friends (for the Glass Slipper Challenge) – so I don’t control most of their accounts, they have their own. It was easy to just call and have them do it, but for our situation – something we could have done on our own.

  • “Hello, and thank you for calling Disney Reservations.
    If you are making plans for your family, please say ‘Family’
    If you are making plans for a group larger than 10, please say ‘Group’
    If you are making plans for Brazil, please say ‘SIM SIM SIM SIM’ “

    • LOL

  • Or how about I ignore that suggestion and continue to link miltiple reservations to the same MDE. Makes Memory Maker and FastPass selection 3 million times easier! Booked FP for a group of 17 with no issue a few weeks ago. Sorry Disney, separate accounts don’t work well right now!


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