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GLIDDEN’S Colortopia Coming to Epcot’s Innoventions

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Have you been curious about what’s been going on with Epcot’s Innoventions lately? Well, wonder no more! The paint brand, Glidden has been collaborating with Walt Disney Imagineering to create a brand new interactive exhibit called Colortopia.

Guests of all ages who experience the Colortopia exhibit will encounter unique and surprising hands-on activities. In addition, park visitors will be able to extend the Colortopia exhibit experience with a mobile app and website which are set to to launch later this year.

“Pairing the magic of the park experience with the magical role color plays in our lives is an exciting opportunity for the Glidden brand,” said Mark Lancia, Senior Brand Manager at Glidden. “We’re excited to share the Colortopia experience with the park’s visitors from around the world.”

There is no official opening date for this new experience, but it is expected to open sometime later this fall.

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